How To Deal With Customer Experience During Turbulent Times


It’s been several weeks now, that the outburst of Coronavirus or COVID-19, to put it right, has affected the entire world. Several countries’ economies are at stake, companies have withdrawn many projects, delay in employees appraisals, and human contacts are limited. In this pandemic time, customers resort to virtual communication […]

Resolution To All Employer Dilemma’s During A Pandemic!


Employer Dilemma’s: As coronavirus continues to spread, the potential of a pandemic has changed the work dynamics. As of Monday, the novel coronavirus has killed more than 14,698 people, and in at least 81 countries around the world, there are around 225,317 confirmed cases, with 457 COVID-19 related deaths in […]

CAMS Online Facilitate Non-Financial Transactions in Mutual Funds


Computer Age Management Services (CAMS), a mutual fund transfer agent, has launched CAMS, a self-service chatbot for mutual fund investors. A digitally operated chatbot can help investors to conduct their financial and non-financial transactions instantly. CAMS online service received chatbot investors for a real-time view of various investments, updating contact […]

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