Norwegian Cancellation Policy – Step By Step Guide


I was in London for a company meeting. In the last two days, the environment of London is extremely gratifying. So, I request my company to extend the days of business trips. At first, they refused my request but after consulting with the head team they allowed me an extra two days to stay in London. I was so happy and thanks to them for their permission.

Norwegian Cancellation Policy


My return tickets were booked in Norwegian Air. So, it’s my duty to cancel the ticket to earn a refund. For the cancellation, the most important task was to know the Norwegian cancellation Policy. Before looking for the cancellation process, I was thinking of gathering some information about the cancellation policy. 

What are the rules specified in the Norwegian cancellation Policy?

To learn about the Norwegian cancellation Policy, I visited to the official website of the airline. From the cancellation policy page, I gather some information that I mentioned below:-

  1. No refund for the passenger with LowFare, LowFare+ and Premium tickets.
  2. For grabbing a refund, all the passengers must have a travel protection plan.
  3. Only the passengers with Flex and Premium Flex tickets are eligible for a refund after the risk-free period.
  4. Full refund if the passenger succeeds to cancel the scheduled trip within 24 hours of booking and the reservation date must be seven days before the departure date.
  5. Refundable tickets are eligible for a refund, if the passenger traveling with non-refundable tickets then no refund is awarded to them. 
  6. After the departure period, the whole amount is charged as the cancellation fees. 
  7. The Norwegian Air will waive off the cancellation fee, if the air ticket is canceled due to bereavement.

How much do I need to pay as I wish to cancel the ticket at the airport?

To search for the answer to my question I visited the Norwegian  Air cancellation fees page. On that page, it is mentioned that if the passenger chooses the offline portals for canceling their tickets then they need to pay 20 GBP extra excluding the cancellation fees. And if the passenger booked tickets from the third party travel agent then they need to contact them directly as the airline will not allow cancellation to those tickets which are booked from any other unauthorized party.

After knowing the cancellation fee the next step was to know the Norwegian  Air Refund Policy. The following key points are mentioned in the refund policy:-

  1. Full refund to those passengers who cancel tickets within the same day of reservation.
  2. All the passengers traveling to other countries except the USA and Brazil, need to cancel their tickets within 4 hours of booking. 
  3. No refund is initiated to passengers after completion of a risk-free period.
  4. The passenger with an award ticket will not get any refund after the 24 hours of booking.
  5. Norwegian Air will offer a government tax portion as a refund if the tickets are unused or partially used.
  6. The passenger will be required to pay cancellation fee for acquiring a refund. 
  7. Norwegian Air will not charge a cancellation fee if they cancel tickets due to the corporate factors (strike, technical error, unavailability of the crew members and many more).
  8. The airline will transfer the refund amount to the passenger account within 20 to 30 business days. The processing days depend on the medium of payment.

The last process was to perform the cancellation, for which I chose the official website of Norwegian Air. The following are the steps that helped me to complete the cancellation process smoothly:-

1- Open a web browser (google chrome, firefox, internet explorer, etc) as per the availability.

2- Go to the Norwegian Air official website.

3- Complete the login process by using the User ID and password.

4- Go to the “manage my trip section” and write the confirmation ID with the passenger’s family name.

5-  Select the tickets and click on the proceed tab.

6- Choose the reasons and submit the cancellation request by clicking on the proceed tab.

7- After submission, the refund amount is displayed. Submit the refund request form by reading the consent page.

8- A confirmation mail will be sent on your registered email ID and mobile number by the airline. 

Generally, the refund amount is transferred to the account within 20 business days but I paid the ticket fare through credit card. So, my refund is processed to my account within 7 business days. I am happy with the resolution provided by the airline. In case if you are unable to complete the cancellation process through online portals then you can call the customer service team on the toll-free number +1-888-434-6454. The claiming process was made simple with Norwegian Air Reservations. I appreciate the work of Norwegian Air. So, I scheduled my return ticket with them by grabbing huge discounts on the total ticket fares. The booking was as simple as a cancellation, I just dialed the reservations number and scheduled my trip conveniently.

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