A Local Hidden Gem: The Landings

Published On June 25, 2013 | By Christa Schueler | Happy Hour, Restaurants

Needing desperately to get my children out of the house for the afternoon, my husband and I decided to take them somewhere fun.  However, it was nearly lunchtime and we needed to eat, and neither of us wanted cranky kids on our hands.  Instead of going to one of our usual family-friendly dining destinations, we headed out to a restaurant that I’ve heard about in recent months but none of us have never been to before.  The Landings at the Henderson Executive Airport is a restaurant and bar located on the second floor of the building and overlooks the runway.  From what I heard about this place, the food is great and the atmosphere is even better.  So, we loaded up the kids into the minivan and checked out this local hidden gem.

Henderson Executive Airport

The first thing you notice when you walk into The Landings is the bar area because it faces the doorway.  I immediately thought that this might not be okay for the children but once you walk in, the rest of the restaurant comes into view and what a view it is!  The entire right side has mostly floor to ceiling windows and you can clearly see the private jets parked on the runway.

The Landings Pic 3

I also noticed that the space wasn’t very large.  I’m sure the main purpose of this little bar and restaurant is to provide a place for a quick bite and tasty beverage to those traveling in an out of this small airport.  However, the service staff do make non-travelers feel welcome too.

After perusing the menus (and yes, they have a children’s one), we made our lunch selections and watched a few planes take off while waiting for our food.  It’s then that I also noticed a balcony to our left.  There were a few tables out there and if the weather had been cooler (curse you, 100 degree weather!), I’m sure my family would have loved to eat our lunch out in the open air.  After our food arrived, I was surprised to see the kids’ meals were placed in cute little giraffe serving dishes.  And here I thought this place might not be kid-friendly.

The Landings Pic

I admit, I only ate a boring dinner salad (I need to fit into a bathing suit for my day at the pool cabana at the M Resort) but the rest of my family loved their meals and there were empty plates all around.  The entire meal cost us around $60 including tip which may sound pricy, but we are a family of five and my oldest child doesn’t order from the children’s menu.

The Landings Pic 4

On our way back downstairs, we stopped in the lobby area and checked out some displays of toy planes an other aerial memorabilia.  Needless to say, my family and I enjoyed The Landings and will definitely go back again, maybe when it’s cooler so we can eat on the balcony.  Or, I’ll just go back with the hubby during happy hour!  That bar did look nice….

The Landings Pic 5

For more information on The Landings, check out their website or visit their Facebook page and follow on Twitter.


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