Which type of Bride

Which Type of Bride Are You?

Published On June 26, 2013 | By Christa Schueler | Fashion & Beauty, Trends, Women

I will be the first to admit that sometimes I get sucked into the world of reality TV.  Not all of the time, just some of the time.  This past weekend, I watched several episodes of TLC’s Say Yes to the Dress and I Found the Gown.  Don’t ask me why.  Something about those type of shows simply fascinate me.  Perhaps, I can empathize with these women, recalling the excitement and anxiety of buying my first (and hopefully, last) wedding gown.  Or maybe it’s the shock of seeing what some of these brides actually chose as their dress.

Some of these gowns were extremely expensive (I could buy a car for the same price), simply exquisite or two steps above nightclub-wear.  It finally dawned on me that wedding dresses typically fit the personality.  If you’re a sassy gal, then your dress will probably be sassy too.  My dress totally reflected my inner-self, classic with a bit of sexy.  Very me.  So, which type of bride are you?


These brides typically want a wedding dress that looks like, well …a wedding dress.  The gown is almost always white and has that “timeless” look.

Jenny Lee Timeless Collection

Jenny Lee Bridal Gown from the Timeless Collection


Perhaps Lord of the Rings is to blame or some folks out there just have a thing for fairies but there are brides who want to emulate Tinkerbell or some other character.  This means her gown needs to fit her quirky persona as well.

Alfred Angelo Rapunzel Dress

Alfred Angelo Rapunzel Gown from Disney Fairy Tale Bridal Collection


There is always a bride out there who knows she got it and definitely wants to flaunt it, even on her wedding day. You go girl!

Voyage by Mori Lee

Voyage Collection by Mori Lee


A few brides like to be different and stand out, even when walking down that aisle.  Even if the dress isn’t exactly one-of-a-kind, stand-out brides want their dress to appear unique and designed just for them.

BLU by Mori Lee

BLU Collection by Mori Lee


Finally, there is the bride who’d rather not spend her life savings on a dress so she opts to go the more pragmatic route. If it looks good and the price is right, then that’s the dress for this type of bride.

Target Wedding Dress

Target Wedding Dress – TEVOLIO – $129.99


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