Create a Fairy-Themed Birthday Party

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As your daughter get older, she may no longer want a character-themed party like Dora the Explorer or Minnie Mouse (at least mine didn’t).  That doesn’t mean you can’t create something fun and unique.  Recess has a great do-it-yourself party planning idea, courtesy of the Organized Cook, that will make your birthday girl remember her party for years to come.

With the popularity of Lord of the Rings and Tinkerbell remaining constant over the years, it’s no wonder children love fairies!  So why not create your own fairy-themed birthday party?  It’s super easy and lots of fun (even for the moms and dads!).

The Invitations

Nowadays, it’s become easier (and more common) to create your own birthday invitations.  That way you can tailor it just for your party theme and in my opinion, it’s more practical.  But if you’re not comfortable with making your own or you just don’t have the time, there are many places you can go to for the invitations, like Vistaprint or Zazzle.

Fairy Garden 5

Decorations and Gift Bags

If you’re at a loss as to what decorations to use for a fairy-themed birthday party, go to Pinterest.  Never fails.  Pinterest is the best place to get ideas, especially for parties.  Here’s an example:

Fairy Board

Etsy also has really cute and inexpensive fairy decorations.  8 vials of Fairy Dust will only set you back $13.20.  Not bad.

Fairy Dust

Tiny Vials of Fairy Dust from Etsy

You can find printables online as well (some are free while others will cost you). A perfect place to use printables are on the gift bags. Just purchase plain paper bags and place the printable on it. Use colored ribbon to close bag. Genius!

Fairy Garden 3

Activities and Games

Face painting is a must at children’s parties but you don’t need a professional to do it.  Most arts and crafts stores, like Michaels, and party stores sell face painting kits.  You can even find them on Amazon.  I would stick with simple designs such as flowers and hearts, unless you have an artist in the family!


There are TONS of sites you can check out for birthday ideas. Here’s a great one from Parents Magazine:


Another great idea (and this one is from the Organized Cook who loves her gardening!), is to have each child “take a garden home”. Fairies love gardens after all!  You need to purchase small potting vases (the vases in these photos were purchased from Target), potting soil and flowers.  It would be handy to have a potting shovel and watering can (again, Target has these items and they’re reasonably priced).


Fairy Garden 4


The Birthday Cake

I’ve become a huge fan of cupcakes in lieu of a traditional birthday cake for the simple reason: it’s easier and less messy.  No cutting and less clean-up.  It also allows you to offer a variety of flavors since not everyone likes the same thing, especially children.  When selecting a cake or cupcakes for your fairy-themed party, the more whimsical the better.  I would choose to decorate with flowers and sparkles (for some reason, those two things remind me of fairies).

Fairy Garden 2

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