5 Summer Documentaries You May Want to See

Published On June 27, 2013 | By Christa Schueler | Entertainment, Movies

I’m the first to admit that I don’t often go to the theater to watch a documentary; it’s either a children’s film (because I have two young kids), a “date” movie with the hubby, or a chic flick with the gals.  When I think of a documentary, the following words come to mind: educational, serious, too real.  In other words, instead of entertainment, I get a big dose of reality.  Who wants that?  But lately, I’ve been wondering if perhaps I need that dose of reality, at least once in a while.  After all, these filmmakers have something to say, a story to tell and perhaps a message to give.

Here are 5 documentaries releasing this summer that have been getting some “buzz” because they’re that good.  You may want to check them out.

More Than Honey

– release date: June 12th

This film is about the alarming decline of the honeybee population and how that could spell disaster for humankind.

How to Make Money Selling Drugs

– release date: June 26th

A compelling documentary that gives insight as to why drugs are still a huge problem in this country.

Terms and Conditions May Apply

– release date: July 12th

Before you agree to terms and conditions when visiting a site or downloading an app, you may want to see this movie.

Terms and Conditions May Apply Preview from Hyrax Films Private on Vimeo.

The Secret Disco Revolution

– release date: June 28th

This film reveals theories on how the disco movement changed to world. Come on, we already knew that!


– release date: June 21st

Think becoming a Master Sommelier is easy? Well, after watching this film, you will definitely be surprised.

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