Style Smith Says: How to Be a Well Dressed Man in the Vegas Heat

Published On June 28, 2013 | By Melly Allen | And Guys Too, Fashion & Beauty, Fashion Fridays

Here we go again, the 100° plus Las Vegas temperatures have arrived. Man it’s hot, and what is a guy suppose to do? Moreover, what are well dressed guys suppose to do? Here are three basic summertime suggestions to keep the Las Vegas man looking and feeling cool when the temps hit inferno from Ronald Smith is a Las Vegas-based professional clothier and image consultant.

man waterHYDRATE

This is not a suggestion but a requirement! Drinking plenty of good ol’ H2O will not only keep your internal organs happy, but it will keep that handsome mug of yours from looking like the sun-baked leather seats of a convertible Jaguar.

Either expensively bottled or Lake Mead straight-from-the-tap, water has more benefits than you can shake a stick at. Mayo Clinic suggests, in temperate climate that men drink three liters (13 cups) of fluids daily.

Summers in Vegas are far from temperate so, UP your cups fellas! When it’s time you’ll welcome those wrinkles as badge of honor for a life well spent, until then drinking water will help you look your best.

Opt for Natural Fabrics

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Secondly, you don’t have to resort to resort-wear and hope that it passes for business casual at the office. Gents, jeans and an untucked shirt should not be the norm unless you want to look like the vast majority of guys in the US.

Instead, go with natural fabrics such as cotton, bamboo, and linen. You can even wear wool in lighter fabrics. These are “suitable” for Vegas temps, allowing your body heat to escape keeping you cool.

Leaving your “air-conditioned” home to an “air-conditioned” car of which you drive to your “air-conditioned” office is little reason to be unfashionable. Man-Up! The day you can complain is when you job entails working outside in your suit, shirt and tie.

03Staying Cool

Finally, here are a couple quick tips for when you are out-and-about for meetings or power lunches at Triple George.

1. While driving, take your suit jacket off and either hang it or lay it down in the back seat. Why do you have your jacket on while driving anyway (this really bugs me)? If you’re walking, fold your jacket over your arm and put it back on once inside the cool building.

2. Try loosening your tie a bit, unbutton the collar and sleeve buttons on your shirt to allow release body heat. Just remember to button up once you’ve reached your destination.

Don’t sweat it when summer time temps rise, these suggestions will help you feel as cool as you look without relegating your style.


Ronald SmithRonald Smith is a Las Vegas-based professional clothier and image consultant. He has styled some of the most prominent personalities in Las Vegas. Smith is also the creator of Well Suited Wednesday, the most stylish social hour which meets monthly in some of Las Vegas’ most posh and intimate venues.

Follow the Style Smith’s fashionable journey on Twitter or Instagram: @StylesmithSays

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