Let’s go to The Laundry Room

Published On July 12, 2013 | By Lisa Drake | And Guys Too, Downtown Project, Happy Hour, Women

The exclusivity of a club meets the nostalgic fun of a speakeasy

My husband enjoys surprising me with fun nights out (lucky me!) and recently he had a surprise he worked on for about a week or two that he was finally able to spring on me.  We had to go late (10pm) on a weekday (sleep? who needs sleep?) and we had to head to one of my favorite East Fremont Street watering holes, Commonwealth.

Commonwealth Las Vegas

Commonwealth Las Vegas

A barely noticeable door in an already amazing bar leads to a hidden gem built within historic confines and on nostalgic, elegant chicness.  But you have to know the code…or rather the text number, to gain entrance (and once you get your reservation, don’t be late).  The speakeasy has apparently upgraded to the digital age!  Once past the hidden door, you first enter a small room where you are given the rules, some of which include: no photos or talking on the phone (but you can text), no standing (not a hard one to follow really, as they only seat a max of 20 people at any one time), no smoking (hallelujah!),  no name-dropping (that would kill the vibe anywhere) and no loud talking (it’s a speakeasy, not a speakloudly, so save that for the other run-of-the-gin-mill clubs). Got all that?  Well then, now you can enter The Laundry Room.

Subdued lighting in a cozy space with a wonderfully appointed bar and the amazingly talented mixologist, June, greet you upon entry to The Laundry Room.  Look up and take in the unique ceiling of doors (inquire at the bar to get the skinny on the origins of the doors).  You can see the vestiges of the original structure that actually was once the laundry room for the El Cortez.  Wonderful vintage photos from the era of the speakeasy adorn the walls and the various colored and cut glass bottles and snack dishes on the bar evoke thoughts of parties of a by-gone era of elegance and class. Drinks are $15, which may seem high, but the abundance of interesting and delicious concoctions to choose from are, in my opinion a worthwhile splurge (my chosen glass of cocktail art for the evening was the ginger-based Hung Mule).  Looking to try something off-menu; something tailor-made to you?  Then I highly suggest chatting up June-let her in on your likes, your favorite foods, scents, memories, and she’ll come up with the perfect drink that is all you with a twist.

Find their calling card clothespin, pick it up, text the number and for an evening drink to good luck.  Cheers!


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