World War Z: Not Your Standard Flesh-Eating Undead Movie

Published On July 7, 2013 | By Christa Schueler | And Guys Too, Entertainment, Movies, Women

Not Even Brad Pitt Made Me Want to See World War Z But I’m Glad I Saw It Anyway

I have seen 28 Days Later. I also watched the first two seasons of The Walking Dead, but in no way, shape or form do I consider myself a fan of zombies. However, I do appreciate a well made film or an exciting television drama. When I viewed the trailer for World War Z, my first thought was, “Oh, that’s a DVD movie for sure.” I had no intention of spending good money to see anything other than a romantic comedy or some serious eye candy. Not that Brad Pitt isn’t still good looking for his age (he’s nearly 50!) but I wasn’t interested. It’s a good thing fate had other plans.

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Last week, my hubby and I ditched the kids (don’t worry, they had a babysitter) and met up with friends to see the movie I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to see in the theater but I’m super happy I did. Not only is World War Z really good, I want to see it again! In the theater!  If someone asks me about it, I tell them it’s a must see.  Even my husband, whose critique of movies rivals that of Siskel & Ebert, highly recommends World War Z . Just a word of warning: the movie is super intense.

Based on the novel World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War written by Max Brooks, World War Z follows the harrowing journey of former United Nations employee, Gerry Lane (played by Pitt), as he tries to find out what started and how to stop the zombie-like pandemic threatening to end humanity. Obstacles stand in Lane’s way such as his desire to protect his family, mishaps, chronic pandemonium and of course, the zombies.

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First off, World War Z isn’t your typical zombie movie. Without giving too much away, the zombies themselves are different than the standard flesh-eating undead seen in films such as Dawn of the Dead and Resident Evil. Also, this movie doesn’t follow a ragtag group of survivors who are just trying to avoid getting eaten and doing what they must to endure.  Instead, the viewer gets a sense of how world governments and armed forces would respond during this type of catastrophe. Rather than just seeing the aftermath, we witness action being taken and solutions being sought.

Second, this movie is extremely fast-paced and will have you on the edge of your seat. The beginning starts off harmless enough; family in the kitchen happily eating breakfast which was the biggest unrealistic part of the movie for me. Then not long after …BOOM, the “you know what” hits the fan and it’s non-stop, nail biting, “oh, I better not have to pee because I don’t want to miss anything” action from there. A friend of mine literally had to get up and take a puff off her asthma inhaler because it really takes your breath away and gets the heart pumping at the same time. However, World War Z is not too gory or extremely disturbing; the movie is just flat out intense with a few “scream out loud” moments sprinkled in. And let’s just say, make sure you bring someone with a strong arm because I was grabbing on to my poor husband’s with all of my strength.

I do NOT recommend this movie to young children or those who don’t like scary movies. I DO recommend seeing this in the theater (and not waiting for the DVD) because the effects just added to the awesomeness of the film and came across really well on the big screen. We went to the matinee at the AMC in Town Square and it wasn’t crowded; tickets were only $6 for adults.

Oh, and Brad Pitt is still hot.

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