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Vyclone App Review

Published On July 8, 2013 | By Melly Allen | For Bloggers, Social Media, Tech Toys & Tools, Technology

Vyclone App is A Must Have Social Medial Tool

As is with this new digital business ear, I seem to hear buzz about another must have app all the time. So chances are when I look into it, it’s just that, hype created from marketers and the reality is that the apps don’t hold much value. This is often the case in the social video sharing app department.

While checking out the featured apps on Windows 8, Vyclone caught my attention. Some may cheer and some techies may groan over the thought of a new video sharing social app, however, I think Vyclone has the potential to reinvent the wheel.

Features We Like

Naturally as active members (and bloggers) in the Las Vegas community, we are excited at the possibility of linking multiple users first-person video all into one seamlessly, and professionally edited video. The final video is also easily shared across other social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

One feature we really like is the ability to save your video and upload it at a later time. So far mainstream social apps with video capability do not offer this useful function. I can’t tell you how many engaging videos I’ve created and didn’t have a signal to upload resulting in the loss of video.

Let Vyclone’s professional editing software do it’s magic for you or take the content into your own hands with the ability to view all the cuts and create your own masterpiece from all the uploaded videos of the event.

There is not a limit to how many Vyclone users can contribute to one video, however if you’re trying to edit the cuts yourself it becomes difficult to manage more then sixteen users.

You don’t have to capture or upload simultaneously. I don’t have to be recording at the same time as another user. In fact I can start recording after other users have stopped and still be linked to the same event.

Geo-tagging allows multiple user to link video content even if you’re not “friends” with the other user. Anyone that has organized a social media event can tell you linking up to all the other attendees can be a pain, this app saves you time from having to pre-friend before collaborating on content.

Vyclone is available in the Apple Store, Google Play, and for Windows here. Connect to Vyclone on Facebook or follow on Twitter.

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As the Community Director and Editor of Recess, Melly Allen is the Founder of the Recess Sandbox Revolution where she strives to unite Southern Nevada women by giving them a voice and place to connect and share. Melly is also a major Social Media Producer.

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