The Lodge Coffee House & Tavern

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At nine o’clock in the morning there are two types of people in Las Vegas, those who need a jolt and those who need a beer. Luckily The Lodge on Durango and Russell caters to both crowds.

The Lodge Coffee House & Tavern

If you’re not looking for the place, you just might miss it. To the untrained eye, it looks similar to one of the valley’s dime-a-dozen PT’s-style bars. But pull into the parking lot and you’ll notice the front patio, a mysterious drive-thru and giant glass doors that encourage gawking.The Lodge Coffee House & Tavern

Inside its a bizarre collection of services. A coffee counter appears on your right, while a bar pulls you in to the left. Gaming and seating fill up the large space, and the whole interior is tied together by a modern take on a mountain lodge. The ceiling stretches high above you while wood accents poke in and out of the service areas. Wooden tables, some deli style, others family style, encourage groups to sit down and dine together. Or if you’re looking for a drink and a roaring fire, mosey to the opposite end of the room and take a seat on a plush couch facing the fireplace.

A hot coffee in three different sizes can be yours for $2.50 or less and if you want to add a liquor mixer, add a few dollars. All of their breakfast and lunch items are priced well below ten bucks. During my visit, a 20 ounce coffee came free when I ordered a ham, cheese and egg breakfast sandwich for only three bucks. It was delicious and sized in a way that was easily finished with no room left for a Danish. You can get everything from a simple salad to a dressed up panini, but don’t worry, you’ll know the ingredients for every bite you take. It’s not a frilly menu, but it is completely satisfying.

The Lodge Coffee House & Tavern  The Lodge Coffee House & Tavern

The 24 hour establishment offers something for everyone, but keep in mind that it is a bar. The family can enjoy a quick breakfast or lunch on the go, inside at a tall table or out on the sprawling patio, but after hours this is more of a lounge to stop by after work. If you’re a Starbucks lover, avert your eyes because the prices are half of what you would pay for their overpriced, bitter swill and their drive-thru is just as convenient.

If you find yourself doing the walk of shame in the Southwest, stop by to get a warm drink. Or start your weekend right with a simple and delicious breakfast. Either way The Lodge deserves more than a roadside glance as you speed down Durango Drive.

The Lodge Coffee House & Tavern

For more information on The Lodge Coffee House & Tavern, visit their Facebook page.

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  1. Lucky says:

    I love coming in to get work done in there comfy chairs, coffee is fantastic, service is great, and the patio is perfect I am so happy to have a quality cafe and tavern close to my house.

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