Giving Support While Keeping Your Figure During Girl Scout Cookie Season

Published On March 1, 2013 | By Toni Spilsbury | Charity, Community, Eating Healthy, Fitness, Fun, Health, Weight Loss, Women

Holy Jeans!  It’s Girl Scout Cookie Season!

This is what I thought as I walked out of the grocery store to find adorable Girl Scouts tempting me with my most favorite cookies.

I’ve been working out so hard and am just fitting back into my skinny-skinny jeans.  Do I really want to blow all that work on some Thin Mints and Caramel Delites?  Well, of course I do!

Instead though, I reach in my wallet and hand them a five dollar bill before wishing them luck in their endeavors this year.  I was a Girl Scout growing up and my mom was the leader.  Cookie season was a big deal for us and it paid for most of the activities we did throughout the year.

My oldest daughter was in Girl Scouts and I was the co-leader and eventually “cookie mom”, which is not anywhere near as fun as it sounds.  I know how hard these scouts, leaders and “cookie moms” work to earn a buck for their troops.

How much do Girl Scouts make from the sale of each box of cookies?

So, here’s the breakdown on the cookies.  A box of Girl Scout cookies this year will cost you $3.50.  From the sale of each box of cookies, the troop will get $.55.

And this is when the troop is not robbed from the inside.  You see, when I was “cookie mom”, one of our scouts was placed in our troop by her mom specifically to sell cookies.  That scout’s mother took about $200 worth of cookies from our inventory then pocketed the money and we never heard from them again.  Apparently, this is all too common a phenomenon these days.  Our troop would have had to sell 363 boxes of cookies just to make up for that loss.  Instead of making them do that, I just covered the loss myself.  I think my husband also bought about 150 boxes of cookies that year and distributed them to his employees.  Never again.  Ever.

Getting back to my point…. handing over $5.00 to these adorable Girl Scouts instead of actually buying cookies is the equivelent of purchasing nine boxes of cookies!  I also saved myself from taking home about five thousand calories that I would later need to work off.

So next time you’re faced with battling your addiction to Tagalongs, remember that $.55 will pay your way out of the excuse “well it’s all for a good cause”.



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