Super Hero S’mores

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If you’re a frequent Target shopper like myself, you’ve probably noticed all of the various Justice League items throughout the store.  You can find Wonder Woman aprons and Batman camp chairs among other Justice League bargains.  Target’s Bullseye View has a great idea for combining the awesomeness of the Justice League and the deliciousness of a classic outdoor treat: Super Hero S’mores.  What’s perfect about Super Hero S’mores is that you can find all of the ingredients at Target and the kids will have so much fun making them.  You’ll be Super Mom for sure, but aren’t you always?

Super Hero S’mores

Photo courtesy of Bullseye View

Photo courtesy of Target’s Bullseye View


Chocolate squares
Graham crackers
Colored-sugar crystals
Assorted cake decorations

Photo courtesy of Target's Bullseye View

Photo courtesy of Target’s Bullseye View


  1. Are you a Superman or more of an Aquaman?  The first step is choosing your super hero.  Grab a marshmallow, moisten with water and roll in colored sugar crystals that match your super hero’s signature color (Superman = blue, Wonder Woman = red, Green Lantern = green, etc.).
  2. Place your super hero marshmallow on top of a small piece of chocolate and a graham cracker.
  3. Choose a signature element from your super hero. For example, Superman is known for his cape, red shorts and yellow belt. Roll out and cut the red and yellow fondant to make the shorts and belt. Then use the red fondant for the cape. When ready, gently press onto the marshmallow.
  4. Use frosting on top of your marshmallow to give your super hero that perfect do.  Super heroes do have super hair!
  5. Now your Super S’more is ready to save the day or be eaten.  Take your pick.  (Microwaving the s’more is optional but if you like it gooey, just place it in the microwave for a few seconds).
Photo courtesy of Target's Bullseye View

Photo courtesy of Target’s Bullseye View

Read more about the Justice League saving the day at a Target near you!

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