8 tips to be Successful on social media

8 Tips to be Successful on Social Media

Published On July 17, 2013 | By Melly Allen | For Bloggers, Social Media, Technology

As social media develops, I see common threads running through its fabric. I see my high school days flash past my eyes. As in high school, social media can be likened to a popularity contest. The good news is, we’re not in high school anymore and the rules of becoming popular in social arenas reflect that. You can see just how “popular” someone is online by their numbers, good or bad they are there for all to see.


Ever wonder why some bloggers or businesses have such a strong presence on social media? It’s mainly because they use practical guidelines when interacting online. Anyone can purchase likes and followers these days, and because of that, sites like Twitter Audit have been shown to be useful when brands want to determine the online worth (reflected in your numbers) before partnering online for campaigns. Here are 8 tips to give your social media numbers a boost, applying them is up to you.

8 Tips To Be Successful On Social Media

8 Tips to be Successful on Social Media


Bloggers work hard. Food bloggers take great pride in preparing that mouth-watering recipe and staging a set for the perfect photo. Craft and DIY bloggers take special care to document each step of a project along the way.

So why do they fall short on social media? It could be the way they “share” needs more attention to detail. Don’t sell your content short with mediocre posts on Twitter or Facebook! Give your work the attention it deserves.

Each media outlet has its tricks to achieve the best results and reach the most readers. It takes a few extra minutes of your time to apply the right tactics in order to get the best possible results.


Ask yourself these simple questions before hitting the post button:

  • “Did I upload the best photo I have?”
  • “Did I link it properly?”
  • “Did I describe my post correctly?”
  • “Did I use hashtags, and the correct ones to pull more views/likes?”
  • “Is there a call to action?”

Create Interest

Knowing what your target audience wants is half the battle. Even if you have a niche, you’ll want to know what content draws in your target readers the most. This is a great time to test the waters. Throw the noodles at the wall and see what sticks, so to speak. Share content you think will receive the best results and work from there. Keep track of the success and failures in order to grow from them. Take a poll, sometimes asking a question can open doors you may not have thought of walking through before.

8 Tips to be Successful on Social Media

Engage Your Audience

Think of your readers like your audience first. If you see your followers as a captive group of people waiting for you to share entertaining information with them, you set the stage for the next logical step…interaction. This is what is commonly referred to as a “Call to Action”. You have their attention, now what do you want from it?

Each post has the opportunity to involve your readers and build a lasting report. An online relationship with loyal followers is the ultimate goal for your brand. So don’t be afraid to suggest they share, like, re-tweet, or comment. Comments get the ball rolling towards relationship building and I personally like those interactions the most.

8 Tips to be Successful on Social Media

Know Where and When to Share

Determine what social sharing sites will work best for your website or brand. Choosing the correct media outlet can optimize results and lessen frustration. For instance, if you have a website where photos are the driving force to your blog or business, maintaining Pinterest boards and a Facebook page in order to generate site traffic is critical. Spend your valuable time where it will return the best results.

Once you decide where your efforts are best spent, then you should take into account when the best times to reach your audience is. Thanks PR Daily for the helpful infograph above that remove some of the guess work as to when and where the best time to post is!

Stay Focused

After deciding what forums work best for your business, concentrate on developing those first before branching out further. The best way to add value to your social profiles is to pick up to three in the beginning and concentrate high quality content correctly there first. Once a solid following has been established, invite them to also connect on other mediums. They will follow!

Be Social

This sounds like a no-brainier, but you’d be surprised how many users are, or at least come across, as antisocial online. Interactions should never make your followers/readers feel like you are bothered by them. When you invite open conversation, be ready (and willing) to chat back. Be sure to reply to interactions, mentions, and re-tweets when they come to your attention. Make yourself available online. You should be checking your accounts daily in order to facilitate interactions and keep your momentum going.

8 Tips to be Successful on Social Media

Be a Giver

Start showing the love online, today! This is a highly effective numbers building technique. Successful people online are often givers.

They share others’ content correctly by tagging in order to give the creator credit. This is a win-win for both the user sharing and for the original content creator. You gain additional content to post and by sharing that content, you are making a connection to the creator (online relationship building), that is in turn receiving additional attention online from your pool of readers they might not have received otherwise.

Sheena of Hot Eats and Cool Reads is a great example on how to apply this technique. She shares a great photo, gives the creator credit by tagging them, suggest a call to action, and gives the link the creator’s website. Notice how she does NOT list the recipe on her Facebook page; she directs her readers to the website for that information. There is a right and wrong way to share. This method is highly recommended.

Be Likable

While attending a workshop called “Likeability 2.0” at Blissdom last year, the speaker offered up this advice: “Don’t be a b**** online!”. Some of the most successful online personalities are “likeable”. We’re not saying be Suzie Sunshine if you are indeed not a Suzie! We’re suggesting you present yourself in a likeable way and not make it your mission to alienate other users during online interactions.

Many people, myself included, have implemented self-imposed rules when it comes down to whom they follow or interact with in social arenas. I have found that more and more users will unfollow those they deem as hostile, pushy, rude, or use vulgar language often. I have seen a new trend in blogging which implements a zero tolerance rule for nasty comments or behavior, some going as far as publishing their own set of conduct rules regarding online interactions.

The goal is to build a following, not make potential visitors run for the hills after reading some trashy comments or rude replies.

Are you a social media novice or do you believe you’ve mastered it?  Please share your thoughts, tips and ideas.  If you have questions, we’d be more than happy to answer.  Post in the comments below.  We’d love to hear from you!

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