5 Summer Day Dog Indoor Activities

5 Summer Day Indoor Dog Activities

Published On July 23, 2013 | By Melly Allen | And Guys Too, Books, Cafe Mom, Community, Family, Just For Dads, Women

Dog days of summer have our Las Vegas pets spending most of their time indoors to escape the excessive heat. So what’s a dog owner to do with the extra indoor time? For many, keeping your family pet cooped up indoors can lead to a depressed doggie. Yes, dogs get depressed too. Activity is a natural combat for moody pets, and people. Here are 5 summer day indoor dog activities that reinforce pet health and happiness.

Doggie Yoga

Yep, get your downward dog on together! “Doga” presents the major asanas or postures, from the Downward-Facing Dog to the relaxing Happy Puppy and restorative Pup’s Pose. Shake up your exercise routine this great book, Doga: Yoga for Dogs.

5 Summer Day Indoor Dog ActivitiesBe Seen, Not Heard

So your pooch loves to squeak that toy til the cows come home, but you can only take so much of Mr. Squeakers! Hear Doggy has solved this problem for many pet owners. From plush rabbits to fuzzy skunks, Hear Doggy toys are the only ultrasonic toy that your dog can hear but you can’t.

Also, look into smart pet toys like a fun ball that keeps your dog mentally and physically stimulated. Smarter Toys IQ Treat Ball Dog Toy fills with favorite treats for your pet to recover. It rewards, calms, and exercises them, quietly!

Pamper Spot

Spending some quality time with your pet is rewarding for both you and your dog. It’s well known that just the act of petting your dog is a great stress reducer. According to Animal Planet, at minimum, here’s what you’ll need to get your pet looking her best:

Brush. For long or thick double coats, use a soft slicker brush (resembling a wire hairbrush) or metal comb. For short, smooth-coated breeds a pin or bristled brush works best. Before bathing, brush your dog’s coat to remove any dead hair and tangles.

Shampoo. ┬áHuman shampoos dry out a dog’s coat and skin, so use a brand formulated for pets. A good rule of thumb to follow when buying a shampoo is that less is more. The fewer ingredients a product contains, the less chance your dog will experience an adverse reaction.

Nail trimmer. A nail clipper or dremel (a motorized grinder for shortening a pet’s nails) works well. Cut your dog’s nails every three to four weeks, or grind them using a dremel each week

Hide & Seek

According to the Dog Whisperer, Cesar Milan, you can play hide and seek with your family members or treats. Ask your dog to use his nose to find the hidden items or people, and then reward him. This is also a great way to involve children also stuck indoors during the warm weather.

Doggie Daycare

When all else fails, check into local doggie daycare facilities. Businesses like Doggie District in Las Vegas offer all-day cage free play areas for your pet in a large climate-controlled interior space. Most doggie daycares offer daily play sessions as well as longer stay options. Even if you go a few times a week, getting your dog out and socializing with others pups is beneficial to all.

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