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Published On July 24, 2013 | By Christa Schueler | Cafe Mom, Eating Healthy, Just For Dads, Restaurants

Taco Bell Realizes Kids Meals Are No Bueno

Yesterday, the CEO of Taco Bell, George Creed, announced the fast food chain was going to do what no other fast food restaurant has done before: remove kid’s meals from their menu.  According to Creed, the move is more of a financial-based decision because let’s face it, when children hear the words “fast food”, they think hamburgers and chicken nuggets not tacos and burritos.

“As we continue our journey of being a better, more relevant Taco Bell, kid’s meals and toys simply no longer make sense for us to put resources behind,” said Greg Creed, chief executive officer of Taco Bell. “What does make sense is concentrating on expanding choices that meet and exceed the diverse needs of consumers of all ages, without losing focus on what makes us great today.” – Taco Bell News Release on July 23, 2013

Even though Taco Bell’s plans to discontinue kid’s meals was motivated by profits if nothing else, food advocates are over the moon since they’ve been calling on fast food chains to stop catering to children for years.  As child obesity and food related diseases and disorders have been on the rise, food activists blame retailers like fast food restaurants for being part of the problem.  They hope that other fast food chains will grow a conscience and follow suit. But I wouldn’t break out the maracas just yet. McDonald’s and Burger King happen to do well selling kid’s meals so if money was a factor in Taco Bell’s decision (and it was), then I don’t see Happy Meals disappearing anytime soon.  ¡Ay, caramba!

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