Las Vegas Moms Checklist for Back to School

Las Vegas Moms’ Checklist for Back to School

Published On August 21, 2013 | By Christa Schueler | Cafe Mom, Education, Family, Just For Dads

Buying those school supplies and taking the kids for dental check-ups are the norm when getting your children ready for the new school year. But what about moms? Sometimes in the chaotic whirl of school shopping and doctor’s visits, we forget about getting ourselves ready for what lies ahead. Back to school for moms means meeting with teachers, helping with homework and projects, going back to chauffeur duty, packing lunches and preparing after school snacks, among other things…many other things. So as your kids are getting back into their routines and gearing up for next Monday, I ask all you moms out there, “Are YOU ready for back to school?”

Whether you answered “perhaps” or “maybe” or even a resounding “no!”, don’t worry. Recess has some great tips and advice for moms (and dads too) to help you get ready for back to school.

Create a back-to-school checklist.


You don’t want any surprises on the first day of school so it’s a good idea to create a quick checklist of everything you need to get done before the bell rings. From making sure you have all of the suggested school supplies to signing up for Safekey, there is so much to do and so little time. Having a checklist is a great way to keep track of it all.

If you’re new to the district, it’s always a good idea to visit Clark County School District’s website since they have all of the registration, immunization, transportation, zoning, school policy and regulation information. If you haven’t received your child’s teacher assignment or bus stop information (if eligible) then you need to contact his or her school right away!

For Safekey information for schools in Las Vegas, visit the City of Las Vegas’ website. For Henderson schools, visit the City of Henderson’s website. City of North Las Vegas handles Safekey for their schools as well. You’ll also be able to sign up at your child’s school but if you can get a jump start on it now, there will be less to do later.

If your child is going to purchase lunch at school, make it easy by putting money into his or her school cafeteria account. This can all be done online.  If you need free or reduced meal assistance, go to their website.

Child is exempt if the parents’ of the child has submitted to governing body of a school or child care facility in which the child has been accepted for enrollment a written statement indicating that their religious belief prohibits immunization of such child or ward.  Medical exemptions are also allowed. – National Vaccine Information Center

No shots, no school? False. Recess Community Director, Melly Allen, advises parents who choose not to vaccinate to get familiar with your state laws. According to Melly, the most important thing is to prepare yourself with the correct legal information if you choose not to vaccinate.

The state of Nevada requires parent or guardian to submit an exempt form to the school or child care facility in lieu of shot records.  If you have questions regarding your rights, websites like are a great resource on vaccine facts and ingredients. Melly provided us with her current printable vaccine exemption letter, and this one can be saved and modified if needed.

Plan your dinners in advance.

organized cook

The first few weeks of school are the most hectic because everyone is getting back into the swing of things, including you. Make it easy on yourself by planning your meals in advance so at least you don’t have to worry about what you’re making for dinner every night. The Organized Cook has a great weekly meal planning system that helps busy moms take the stress out of grocery shopping and getting dinner on the table. Not only will it save you time but money as well. The meal plans are also free! Can’t beat that.

Organize, organize, organize.

backpack storage

Photo courtesy of Better Home and Gardens

Organization is key for moms during the transition period from summer to back-to-school, especially if you have more than one child and those children go to different schools (like myself). The best way to stay organized is to do a simple DIY involving coat hooks, bulletin boards, storage bins or baskets and sheer determination. Keeping your children’s backpacks, homework folders and other school items all in one place is a good idea. Create bins for each child so that any papers that need to be signed and returned to school aren’t lost. Keep track of important dates, meetings and school events by keeping a calendar on the wall and tack any important flyers and documents to bulletin boards so that they’re not forgotten.

Don’t overextend yourself.


Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom or a working mom, you’re always a busy mom. If you’re tempted to join the PTO/PTA or sign your children up for extracurricular activities, know that you’re taking on extra work. Becoming a classroom helper is a great way to help your child’s teacher and it’s ideal to go to all of your daughter’s track meets, but it’s okay if you can’t do it all. No one expects you to be Superwoman so don’t try to be.

Take time out for you.


Kids aren’t the only ones who need a recess; moms need a time-out as well. Try to find a time when you’re the least busiest (I know, it’s hard) and relax. Read a book or do some yoga. Even if it’s only for 20 minutes, at least you’ve done something for YOU. Don’t you deserve it? Of course you do!

What do you do to get ready for back to school? Share your thoughts and ideas.

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