Senate Bill 959

Protect Your Compounding Pharmacy- Speak Out

Published On September 1, 2013 | By Toni Spilsbury | And Guys Too, Health, Women

Senate Bill 959

Listen up ladies…and gentlemen, because this affects you too! The biggest blow to women’s health may be coming this week as Senate Bill 959 (legislation relating to compounding) is set to to be voted on by Congress. Big pharmaceutical companies have a vested interest in passing this bill because it restricts women’s access to safe bio-identical hormone therapy. Why would they want to do this? The answer is simple- because it will increase sales to synthetic hormone medications which are known to cause cancer.

Many women, including myself, have been able to effectively manage the roller coaster of hormone changes that come with age by using safe bio-identical hormone creams prescribed by my doctor based on my individual needs. My blood results show that I progressively run low on progesterone which caused irregular bleeding throughout the month and mood swings. After taking a bio-identical progesterone cream prescribed by my doctor and dispensed by my local compounding pharmacy, my irregular bleeding and mood swings are gone.

Women across the country have been able to effectively- and most importantly, safely, manage hormone changes by using their compounding pharmacies. This is why I’m outraged that big pharmaceutical companies are once again picking on the ladies and trying to take control of our health away from us because they would rather us take a one-size-(doesn’t)-fit-all synthetic drug that may increase our risk of cancer, and you can bet that their representatives (lobbyists) are hard at work this week to take away your safe hormones! Don’t let them do it.

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Now Is The Time To Act- You Can Make A Difference

If you live outside of Nevada, here is a list of Senators by state who you can call or email. For Nevada, please contact:




The Power of Social Media

You can also Tweet @DeanHeller and @HarryReid via the Twitter link below or share it on Facebook to urge your friends to act.


What Is A Compounding Pharmacy?

A Compounding Pharmacy creates medicine to fit the unique needs of each individual patient. Compounding pharmacies are creating treatments that have been used for hormone replacement, autism and chronic pain.

More Information About Senate Bill 959

Here is what a healthcare professional says about the proposed legislation which is now 189 pages long:

Several new provisions in the bill are especially troubling. The first is the potential loss of  estriol (the bioidentical hormone) which has a USP-NF monograph. Legally, it can be compounded. Estriol is an anti-cancer estrogen. It is very safe. It’s incorporation into HRT prescriptions lowers the risk of breast and other cancers for women. The bill would allow FDA to identify bulk ingredients as “drugs not suitable for compounding” even though they have a monograph as estriol does! This is a huge concern for me and my patients. In the past, the FDA has attempted to ban bulk bioidentical estriol at the request of Wyeth, a pharmaceutical company. Wyeth still promotes Prempro for HRT even after it was proven to increase the risk of cancer during WHI and up to 10 years later…even after women in the WHI study stopped the drug. Wyeth even uses estriol in European formulations! -Dr. Vaugh read more here.


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