ThredUp Online Consignment Shopping: Review and Giveaway

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As a mom of three growing kids, I’m always looking for ways to save money on the family’s wardrobe. I also don’t like to sacrifice on style or quality — who does!? When I was a first time mom, I thought I needed everything brand new out of the package. Not only did I shop for “only new” items for my baby girl, I can also admit that I held on to everything because it was so pricey I did not want to give it away. When number two came along and happen to be a boy, nothing I saved I could pass on to him. Being a one income family, I quickly learned shopping for only new baby stuff was not always going to fit our budget.

thredup review

So I looked to friends with larger families to get tips on how they provided for everyone. Many of them mentioned they shopped and sold to consignment stores. My crunchy mamas raved on about the positive impact it had on their footprint, while my super-saving mamas were thrilled to save without feeling like they were sacrificing. I was definitely interested.

ThredUp Review

With three children, I’ve fully embraced consignment shopping for many reasons. I’ve found that it’s a a huge money and time saver, not to mention eco-friendly! Being a busy work-at-home mom, I don’t have too much time to hit the stores as much as I’d like. In an effort to save time and cash, I often shop online for savings and deals. At my kids ages now, they more often outgrow their clothes before they have a chance to wear them out. So I’m left with gently used clothes by the basketful!

Reselling my kids clothing is a great way to pad my wardrobe budget! One of my many money saving tricks is just before the seasons change, I do a wardrobe fitting for each child. We go through their entire closet to see what fits and what will fit in our polka-dotted bag. I try to do it a few weeks before the weather changes to allow for ThredUp to receive my bag and price my items I turn it. Not only can you purchase from ThredUp, you can sell to them! Turn your gently used clothing into cash or use credit in the online store –super simple!

thredup reviewthredup review

I just go online, order a bag (there is a small deposit for each bag, which is returned once it’s received by ThredUp), clean out my kids closets, hand a filled bag to my mailman, then once my bag is processed I receive my offer. I choose to spend it as credit in the online store or cash out through my Paypal account. I time my bags for when I’m updating the kids wardrobes, like a change in seasons and weather. There is also a ripple effect in my house by taking advantage of their service. One, I have less laundry (that’s always a plus in my book) and two, I’m not storing anything we don’t need to.

ThredUp Review

Here is my most recent order from ThredUp. Because we live in Las Vegas, the weather stays warm well into October. I only do a small amount of back-to-school shopping because we will still be using most of our summer clothing the first few months after school begins.

thredup reviewI spend just over $25 on this order for my oldest daughter. She needed tanks for layering and jeans are always on my list. I saved 66% off the retail cost ordering from ThredUp and two of the five items are from Justice, a store I will only shop the clearance racks and with discounts codes!

When you’re ready to order a bag, make sure you check out the ThredUp guidelines for what to send in.



ThredUp Online Consignment Shopping: Review and Giveaway

The “fabulous powers that be” at ThredUp have offered Recess readers a chance to win their own shopping experience at the online consignment store. Two lucky readers will receive $25 to shop ThredUp’s awesome online store!

Enter below or on RecessLV Facebook page to win a $25 gift card to spend at THIS GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED, THANK YOU FOR ENTERING.


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7 Responses to ThredUp Online Consignment Shopping: Review and Giveaway

  1. I have four kids including a little new one, so I go through our clothes quite frequently. I just went through my little ones’ clothes last night, and a couple of weeks ago I went through my own closet…which I probably do twice a year.

    • What do you do with the clean out? Donate? Will, or have you used a consignment store to sell your unwanted clothing?

      • My three oldest are all boys, so that means that a lot of it is just play clothes/sleep clothes, after it has been through all three of them. I always try to see, if I can get something back for the clothes in nice condition, so that I can use it toward new clothes….four kids means a lot of clothes, and we have a very tight clothing budget. I sell to ThredUp, garage sale, local consignment stores, craigslist, and directly to other moms. If I cannot sell it, I will donate it to someone, who needs it. There’s always someone, who needs it.

  2. Rea Liz says:

    I clean my closets out about once a year.

  3. Stephen says:

    Not in 6 months have i cleaned them out

  4. Lily Kwan says:

    not very often

  5. Rea Liz says:

    Yay! I see that I won. I haven’t gotten an email yet, but I emailed you the other day. Let me know what you need from me!

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