GoodBelly Dairy-Free Probiotics Review

GoodBelly Dairy-Free Probiotics Review

Published On October 1, 2013 | By Melly Allen | And Guys Too, Health, Women

While the weather cools and I pull out all my stone baking-ware, I think to myself, “At least this year I have a secret weapon.” As the hubs adds all his cold-weather comfort food requests to my shopping list, I make sure to add something just for me: GoodBelly Juice.

GoodBelly Dairy-Free Probiotics ReviewOver the summer GoodBelly asked if Recess would like to take their probiotic 12-day challenge. One thing I like more than food is a challenge. Well, it turned out to be less of a challenge; in fact, it seems to be a new staple in my diet. I’ve been drinking GoodBelly juices for almost three months now and I really never miss a day.

For about one dollar a day, I get my juice in the morning and the benefits of taking a daily probiotic. I’m not a big yogurt eater so I stuck with drinking the juice because I knew I’d enjoy it. I tried both the Pomegranate Blackberry and Mango, settling on the former as my favorite.



GoodBelly probiotic drinks contain live and active cultures of the probiotic strain, Lactobacillus plantarum 299v (LP299V®).  This particular strain was chosen out of many, due to the 16 well-documented research trials that indicate their ability to promote healthy digestion.* Additionally, these trials substantiate that LP299V® has a superior ability to survive the stomach’s harsh acidic environment in order to inhabit the intestine. – GoodBelly

What I Liked

Aside from all the flavor and ease of adding a daily probiotic to my routine, I really liked the quality of the GoodBelly products. They put care into their products and use certified organic ingredients. I feel like I can trust my health to them. Another major reason I wanted to add a daily probiotic to my diet was to aid my immune system during the cold and flu season. I opt out of flu shots due to the unwanted ingredients and possible side effects; instead I look to natural ways to increase my immune health. Probiotics is a great way to support health as well as aid in digestion.


So like many women, when I find something I love, I like to share it with friends and family. I’ll tell friends how much I like the GoodBelly juice and I’ll get asked, “How does it make you feel?” Well, I if I could put it into a visual, this would be it. Yeah, it’s kinda like that, I feel great.

In order to have a properly functioning immune system, one must have a healthy digestive system. Because nearly three quarters of your body’s immune system dwells in the digestive tract, it has the most profound effect on overall health out of all the internal organs. – GoodBelly

If you’d like to take the 12-Day Sanctification Guaranteed GoodBelly Challenge, head on over to the website to get started. They will even send you coupons when you track your challenge through your Facebook. If you’re happy and want to continue with the daily probiotics, GoodBelly will also send you coupons after you complete your 12-days. Be sure to check for retailers in your area; just enter your zip code at the GoodBelly website.

While you’re online, you can also like GoodBelly on Facebook and tweet to them on Twitter. Don’t forget to follow Recess on Facebook and Twitter while you’re there.

How do you plan to maintain your immune system during this cold and flu season? Share your tips and trick to staying healthy in the winter months.

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