A GMO-Free Halloween

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Ghost, Goblins and a GMO-Free Halloween

Witches, vampires & mummies.. oh my! As a child I was afraid of ghosts and goblins each Halloween. However, I had lots of yummy (and real) candy and treats to help ease my fears.

Candy, little girl?

Candy, little girl?

Now, as an adult and mom, I’m afraid of our genetically modified candy on Halloween, or as I like to call it- Frankenstein candy.

Hear what our Contributor, Nancy S. Mure, recommends to help protect you and your children from GMO’s this Halloween:

As your little ghosts and goblins prepare for another year of Trick or Treating, think about this:  Most, if not all the chocolate and candy they bring home will contain HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup), sugar, food dyes, corn and soy.  That means, your children’s candy will contain GMOs.

GMOs are genetically modified organisms that are injected into seeds of U.S. crops, genetically modifying them to resist pesticides in order to increase yields.  These crops are generously sprayed with dangerous pesticides, packaged and sold to companies and stores around the Nation thus, making children and adults sick.  The ingredients in candy that contain GMOs are sugar, corn and soy, to name a few.

If your children are prone to colds and fever, GMOs could be one of the reasons why.  When we eat GMO food or candy, our body creates an immediate immune response.  This happens because our bodies recognize genetically modified food as foreign.  Thereby, taxing the immune system, keeping us symptomatic, allergic and sick. Additionally, HFCS keeps our children addicted and wanting more.

Among the many Halloween candy staples are Hershey chocolates.  The Hershey Company’s success is unsurpassed in the candy industry and their chocolate candy is known to be “gluten-free”.  With all their success you’d think they wouldn’t need to keep production costs down by making their chocolate with GMO soy, GMO corn and GMO sugar.


Wrigley’s, the company that makes Skittles, Starburst and Life Savers Gummies, is another major offender.  Their main ingredient, sugar, is also GMO.  Other ingredients are artificial fruit flavors and food dyes that aggravate and even contribute to Attention Deficit Disorders in children.

Mars Inc. makes M&Ms. M&Ms are made with petroleum-based dyes but only here in the US. While overseas, guess what? They aren’t.

And we give this stuff out to children on Halloween?  Epic fail.

There is no predator worse than the candy industry, but if you’re buying Halloween candy in bulk from the supermarket, such as Party City, Costco, Walmart or BJs, you’re buying and passing along GMOs for Halloween and you’re part of the problem.

As consumers, we fund the use of GMOs each time we purchase candy products. Holidays like Halloween present an opportunity to make a major statement giving consumers the power to have all the rotten GMO, HFCS fortified junk shipped back to the companies who created it in unopened boxes — simply by refusing to buy.  Empowering.

Support companies that care about what we eat. Reject those that don’t.  Let’s take a stand against large corporations that are luring our children with candy which hurts them. We have listed the top 10 alternatives to some classic Halloween treats that are organic, Non-GMO and reasonably priced. They can be ordered online and can most likely be delivered by October 31st:  If you want to ensure a safer Halloween for your children make the following simple substitutions:

Replace Hershey’s Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups with Justin’s Organic Peanut Butter Cups.

Replace York Peppermint Patties with Heavenly Organics Honey Pattie Chocolate Mint Candy.

Replace M&Ms with Original Sun Drops and find other Organic, Non-GMO candy at The Natural Candy Store.

Replace Skittles with Annie’s Assorted Organic Fruit Snacks.


Annies Fruit Snack

Replace Almond Joys with Trader Joe’s Just a Handful – Almonds, Cashews and Chocolate.

(Trader Joe’s prides themself on being Non-GMO, especially on products that carry their name.)


Replace Dum Dum lollypops with Yummy Earth Organic pops.  Yummy Earth also sells candy corn, individually wrapped hard candy, gummy and fruit snacks.



Replace Licorice snacks with:  Clifkid Organic Fruit Rope.

Replace Chocolate bars with Clifkid Organic Brownies.


Replace Fruit Rollups with Apple to the Core Peeled Snacks: 

Replace Tootsie Rolls with Frootie Fruit Punch Tootsie Rolls. 



For those with peanut allergies, Peanut Free Planet features many Halloween candy favorites.  They also feature Home Free Organic Mini Vanilla Cookie Snack Packs as an alternative to Halloween candy. 

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