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Teriyaki Madness – Fresh Asian Grill

Published On October 21, 2013 | By Christa Schueler | Community, Eating Healthy, Fitness, Food, Restaurants

I experienced the madness and will definitely go back for more.

Since this busy mom of three is trying her best to get fit, it’s always nice to find a restaurant that has healthy eating options. Teriyaki Madness, well-known and frequented by the “fitness” community, is the perfect place to go if you’re looking for a quick, delicious and guilt-free meal. Their menu caters to every type of diet. Vegetarian? No problem! Order the Tofu Teriyaki. Cutting back on carbohydrates and eating lots of protein? Try the Low-Carb plate which is loaded with meat and veggies. Kids’ meals are on the menu as well and they will serve sauce on the side (which is great since my children hate sauce of any kind). They even have a Mad Salad if stir fry vegetables aren’t your thing (like my son). And the best thing of all: no MSG.

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The Seattle Trio – The men behind the madness!

I had the honor of sitting down with one of the founders, current CEO and all-round nice guy, Rod Arreola, at the first established Teriyaki Madness in Southeast Las Vegas. Rod, along with his brother and cousin, moved from Seattle to Southern Nevada after seeing the potential of growing a business here. Eric was attending the University of Las Vegas, Nevada and quickly noticed their weren’t many teriyaki establishments that offered nutritious alternatives for those looking to avoid fast food. “We believe in eating healthy,” Rod explained, “Vegas was a great test market.” Since there was already a fitness gym at the location they were scoping out for their first restaurant, the Seattle trio believed it was a good fit (pun intended). In fact, six of their restaurants are located near gyms and much of their success is due to these loyal customers looking to have a fresh and healthy meal after a work-out.

Although the road was bumpy, Rod knew the decision to come to Las Vegas was a good one. According to Rod, “The Las Vegas lifestyle was appealing and we figured if we can make it here, we can make it anywhere.” Ain’t that the truth! Not only was their first restaurant successful, they have since franchised Teriyaki Madness and now there are several locations here in Southern Nevada and all over the country.

Before leaving Teriyaki Madness, I was treated to Rod’s favorite menu item: the Spicy Chicken Bowl. Let me tell you, it was delicious. I’m not a big fan of spicy but the heat didn’t overwhelm the flavor, in my opinion. Rod likes his with white rice but I had the noodles and they were perfectly cooked for a quickly prepared meal. Next time, I think I’ll try the Chicken Katsu because…yum!

Just a side note: the prices are extremely reasonable. For a family of five (that would be mine), the bill would be around $35. Not bad considering each bowl and plate comes with an extremely generous amount of meat.

About Teriyaki Madness

Voted “Best of Vegas” for their fresh Asian dishes, Teriyaki Madness has been a staple in our community for over 10 years. This Asian fast-casual restaurant has become popular among health and fitness enthusiasts due to their healthy and fresh dishes that are low in fat and packed with protein, vegetables and healthy grains. Large on portions but low in cost, Teriyaki Madness now boasts over 30 restaurants nationwide.

For more information about Teriyaki Madness, their food and locations, check out their website at www.teriyakimadness.com. Follow them on Twitter @TMadnessLV and like them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/teriyaki.madness#!/teriyaki.madness.

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