“Clocking Out” of Social Media is a Daily Struggle

Published On June 27, 2013 | By Melly Allen | Cafe Mom, Family, Just For Dads, Social Media, Technology

Buried in a social media coffin?  I’ll admit to being this person 85% of the day, everyday.  If you’re with me for any length of time, you will most likely recognize this picture (above) as my main profile pic.  Tweeting, updating a status, and most of all posting photos to Instagram, I refer to it as “documenting”…and I document a lot!  In fact, you’d be hard pressed to catch me without my smartphone in hand or tucked into my bra; yes, I actually do that.

Melly and Lana

While I have been falling victim to my “always on” lifestyle, I recently took a look at how I can reel in some of my out of control behavior by essentially “clocking out” daily.  With an estimated over 500 million users on twitter (250 considered active) I have a feeling I’m not the only person who struggles with when to put the phone down and walk away.  If I see something funny or my kids do the craziest thing, what do I want to do first? Share! Don’t we all?

In my work, a lot of what I do is based on social media, but when the line blurs and I began to live more online than as a living breathing human, I know I could do better things with my time.

Just how many of us have become sucked into the Internet’s black hole and what exactly are we doing there?  Over 2 billion of us are estimated to be connected to one another online.  Not only are we connected, but millions are pumping out engaging content and visually stunning images.  Who wouldn’t be engulfed by these stimulating marvels (or grumpy cat ..I love you grumpy cat, call me).

Personally my major time suck is Pinterest.  I really enjoyed it at the beginning in it’s organic state.  That was to say before it turned into a social traffic driving tool with new strategies emerging daily on how to get more followers and how to optimize your pins and likes (yawn). There are people out there that even sell “real looking followers”, but that is every social site now-a-days.  I could care less, it’s fun and I get stuck there for as long as I allow myself to be.

The change in my home has been made; we shut down our devices during dinner, no tweeting, no Facebook, and no business calls.  After our family time, it’s game on again.  When bed time rolls around, I “clock-out” from all social sites.  Any tweets or PM’s will have to wait until morning.  When my perfect sleep bubble is burst by a crying child by my bedside, “enthusiastically” expressing his or her discontent of some injustice inflicted upon him or her by another sibling.  Once all fires are put out, I once again “clock in” and catch up on what I missed.Kids and Social Networking

There has never been anything too important that it couldn’t wait until I was back on the clock again and if I missed it, chances are it really wasn’t all that important in the first place!  You can follow me on Instagram @prettysimplegreat but only during regular business hours…just kidding.

How do you tame the time suck?  Do you clock out too?  If so, when is your cut off?

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