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The Demand For Healthcare Reform

Published On October 25, 2013 | By Toni Spilsbury | Health

This is what happens when there’s a “massive demand” for a product.

This morning, I watched as President Obama spoke live from the Rose Garden and said that “no sugar coating it”, the website hasn’t been working as it should. He went on to say, “there’s no excuse for the problems.”

I disagree. There’s actually a very good excuse for the online delays in my opinion. When there is such an overwhelming demand for a certain product, one might expect to “stand in line” for a while, or in this case online. And for many of Americans, standing in line online, or sitting “on hold” on the phone is well worth the wait….. just ask these people:


The delays with the website is not a reflection of Obamacare, rather it’s a reflection of the demand for Obamacare.

As a self-employed household, I pay over $1,200 a month for health insurance for my family. You heard me right folks, my health insurance premium is the equivalent of a home mortgage payment. The unfortunate part of this is that many Americans wouldn’t be able to afford another mortgage payment, and to be honest, I’m barely able to keep up that payment myself. And because of my son’s ongoing medical fragility, being denied for healthcare based on preexisting conditions is always a major factor in finding coverage.  To further my frostiness over being gouged by my health insurance company, by purchasing an individual insurance plan that I pay $14,400 a year for, the coverage actually stinks as it does for most individual plans.

Politics & Facebook

I ignore the majority of Facebook posts in my Feed from a FOX News-watching cousin.  Everyone has one.  You know, the person who posts daily rantings about Democratics sprinkled with the usual FOX News video link. Temptation got the best of me, however, after he posted an allegation that his VA benefits are being taken away by Obama’s healthcare reform (right?); and this is the comment I left on his Facebook post: “I pay $1,200 a month for crappy health coverage for my family. If I end up cutting that premium even in half with this new reform, I will fly to D.C. and French kiss President Obama.”  Of course, there’s no reasoning with the unreasonable, so I had to “unfollow” the post soon after the expected backlash of monkey-poo throwing.


The Affordable Care Act Is More Than A Website

However, the President stressed that the new healthcare reform is more than a website.  In fact, the Affordable Care Act is creating competition in the marketplace where there was none before, and large insurance companies are responding by creating more affordable options.

Additionally, the website is not the only way to apply. Enrollment is available over the phone at 1-800-318-2596.

“The number of people visiting the website has been overwhelming.  Thousands of people are signing up and saving money as we speak.  Many Americans with a preexisting condition are discovering that they can finally get health insurance like everyone else. So today I want to speak to every American who’s looking to get affordable health insurance.”


The Marketplace Is Open

Here are some important dates to remember. October 1st marked the date for open enrollment to begin, and those who enroll by December 15th will have coverage as soon as January 1st, 2014.

Nevada Health Link is the local marketplace where you can shop for different coverage by using the premium calculator at

Read more here:

Nevada Marketplace

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