Thor the Dark World

Thor: The Dark World Movie Review

Published On November 8, 2013 | By Christa Schueler | Entertainment, Movies

Two thumbs up and a quick fan to the face!

As a moviegoer, I have certain expectations when I see a particular film. If I’m watching a comedy, of course I expect to laugh throughout most of the movie. A horror flick better have me trembling in my seat. Romance must have me sighing and swooning with delight. So action movies need to have just that – – action and good action at that because I want to be thoroughly entertained. I admit that although I didn’t hate the first Thor movie (it had super hottie actors after all), I didn’t exactly love it either so I was hoping the sequel would be better. Let me tell you, it exceeded my expectations because it had more than just action and super hottie actors; I was laughing, I was trembling and yes, there may have been some drooling too. But most of all, it left me wanting more, something I didn’t feel the first time around.

Thor The Dark World

Marvel’s Thor: The Dark World, starring Chris Hemsworth, brought us back to Asgard where the hammer-wielding son of Odin is trying to restore order and balance to the Nine Realms after Loki (Tom Hiddleston) made a mess of things. But just as the universe is getting back on track, an ancient race of evil elves led by their leader, Malekith (Christopher Eccleston), has other plans – – dark plans. Meanwhile, poor Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) has been pining away for Thor (really, who could compare to all that muscle?) and just when she’s about to give up, they are finally reunited. However, the reunion is marred by unforeseen complications, devastating loss, vengeance, and personal sacrifice. And just to make things more problematic, Thor must make an unlikely alliance with the last person he believes he can trust in order to save his people, his loved ones and the universe itself. Good times!

The Good

First off, I thought the visual effects were great. I watched this film in 3-D but I know that if I had viewed it in 2-D, I would still have been impressed. What I also liked about Thor: The Dark World was the humor which I found quite lacking in the first film. Thor isn’t a comedy as I’m well aware but it was nice to have that consistent comic relief especially since this film was “darker” than its predecessor. I liked the characters a lot better this time around. Even the villain was more – – villainous (he was someone I would never want to meet in a brightly-lit Starbucks let alone a dark alley). And it was nice to see a few returning characters kick some serious ass – – I didn’t know they had it in them, seriously!

Thor The Dark World

And just a side note: The men of Thor are still super hot!

Thor The Dark World

The Bad

My only complaint about Thor:The Dark World was the main characters, Thor and Jane Foster, still fell kind of flat with me. Perhaps there wasn’t enough time or the filmmakers wanted the focus to be more on the conflict and action, but I still didn’t “feel” the connection between these two. So in other words, the romance kind of sucked. But again, Thor isn’t a romance film so audiences will have to settle for meaningful glances, hurried kisses and fleeting embraces between Thor and Jane.

It’s like a junior high school romance or something!

The Ugly

Now this in no way is a reflection on the actual movie, but I was forced to sit in the second row and normally that would have been fine but it was a 3-D film. By the end, I was having vertigo which developed into a headache. I’m sure if you’ve been to a 3-D movie and had to sit too close, you know what I mean. If you plan to see this movie in 3-D and don’t want to look up Thor’s nostrils, get there early and score seats in the middle or the back. Trust me.

Overall, I really enjoyed Thor: The Dark World and so did my husband whose critique of movies is extremely annoying and oddly accurate. I will be anxiously anticipating the third installment of Thor and you can count on me having middle row seats – – not front row, definitely not front row.

Thor: The Dark World opens today!

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