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Published On November 8, 2013 | By Melly Allen | For Bloggers, Social Media, Technology

Turn Pins Into Profits

Like many other pinners, when Pinterest was created I was immediately captured by its stunning eye-popping design and simplicity! I was fascinated by “pinning” my favorite content from the web and organizing it by image-based “boards”. I’m a visual person, so this was an idea that jumped right out at me. But Pinterest took it to a whole new level and gave me access to others favorite web goodies too! I believe it also elevated the blogger in doing so. After all, there was no way I could scour all the web has to offer and ever scratch the surface of what so many have created and shared through blogging.

This is where the savvy-blogger started taking notes! “I can pin my own content and GET FOUND!”. And it worked! But like all good things, some interactions were soured by opportunists. Over-pinning, spamming, and poor pinning techniques became more prevalent as Pinterest grew. These practices are like sour grapes. So what’s the right way to be found without hurting your content? More on that in a bit!

Let’s face it, seems like every one and their sister is a blogger these days. With a saturated market comes many obstacles! How do I get my pins noticed and on the popular page? How do I create a inviting pin? How do I turn my pin into a conversion? All great questions, because unlike the casual pinner, the bloggers objective is to drive that traffic! Traffic translates into revenue, no matter if you’re a blogger or business. The blogger can benefit from advertising funds with steady traffic and businesses make sales and hopefully repeat customers.

Recently, Recess took part in a twitter party hosted by The SITS Girls covering the different ways to use Pinterest to drive blog traffic. It was a great conversation with a lot of great takeaways. I wanted to share those with others that may not have had the chance to participate but could benefit from the valuable information!

How to Use Pins to Drive Traffic

#SITSBlogging Twitter Party Takeaways – Different ways Pinterest can drive traffic to your blog.


 Most users have difficulty gaining new followers on Pinterest. Pinterest is a place where the proactive gain steam. Try to follow 10 – 20 boards daily. By following only the boards, you will keep your personal feed under control while making yourself/blog known to the user and hopefully translate into them following you back. Take action to get noticed, this is the fastest step to connecting with others. This advice really works! Check out the 120 new Pinterest follows I received in a very short amount of time by just being proactive.

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Another challenge is to get others to repin your pins. First, make sure your pinned image is stimulating and the description is congruent with the image. Vertical pins tend to work best on this platform and an image with not too much text. Think short and sweet- to the point. Consider what grabs your attention and urges you to repin.

If you struggle to convert pinners into loyal followers, try adding a related posts’ widget within your post footer. You have their attention, now KEEP IT! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve stayed on one site from one pin because they highlighted similar posts for me. Most visitors are not going to search your site for content, they’ll just return to Pinterest. By putting it in their face, you have a better chance at keeping them there and returning again and again.



Typically vertical photos works best for Pinterest with limited text. Wired points out this Paula Deen photo and contributes the some 371K+ pins to it’s “Ideal characteristics” –  read more on the perfect Pinterest pin.

Limit the text in the description to include just that, the description. You don’t have to overdo the script and add every tiny bit of info and your site. It translates as desperate and the desire to pin/click demises. That also goes for photo text. If you apply text to your pin image, less is more.

Make sure your image is self explanatory. Whatever type of blogger you are, make sure the photo focus is on the actual content you wish to distribute. Food bloggers should have their dish be the focus and likewise for DIY bloggers, a side by side before and after tend to be some of the most repinned photos.



It’s fun to be creative and clever, and let’s face it- naming a wedding themed pin board something like “For my future husband” or “Will I wear white???” is also fun, it’s not benefiting your end game. Yes, there is a gazillion “Wedding” and “I DO” boards, that’s not the point. Having a clear and organized place for your followers will keep them and also drive more to you. Remember Pinterest is to be visually captivating, not to induce a state of confusion. Your followers may be from a different region or culture and not understand what the clever name may suggest and chose not to follow that particular board.

If you have a pin that flopped, try deleting it and repinning. You can also beta test different images/text to determine what will be better received. Make sure you pin within season! Pinning a DIY craft for St. Paddy’s day in November will not be as popular as pinning the same in late February.



Analytics are a great way to determine your pins weight. Make sure you have the proper tracking in place to see what is driving traffic to your site.

Knowing when pinning is profitable is very important too. To maximize your pins potential, make sure you are pinning during high-volume times such as evenings and Sundays. Think about when you go on Pinterest and during those times what are you looking for. Reverse engineering the situation helps map out a good pinning-plan!

In closing I also think it’s important to amplify your pins through other social media outlets! Throwing a tweet inviting others to “pin with you” helps develop connections across other platforms and strengthen numbers. You should be leveraging your influence from other places to also drive traffic.

I highly suggest accepting offers to guest pin on group boards. If you do not have offers, then I suggest creating a group themed board and inviting some of your friends to pin. If you’re unsure, connect with me and I’ll pin with you to help you get started! For instance I currently pin on 38 separate group boards. This allows me to maximize my pins exposure, as well as myself, with one click! Make the system work for you, not work hard for the system.

What’s Next For Pinterest?

As of today, 11.08.13, Pinterest will start “promoting” pins! This opens a whole new door to driving traffic to your Pinterest account! What do you think about the new addition? Would you advertise your pin? Will this lessen the experience for the user? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

I want to thank The SITS Girls for hosting the lovely twitter party, you can follow these savvy blogging exerts on twitter @SITSGirls. While you’re there be sure to connect with me @itsPSG (I like to tweet!) or @RecessLV

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