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Black Friday Boycott

Published On November 19, 2013 | By Melly Allen | And Guys Too, Holiday, Shopping, Women

Why this former Black Friday enthusiast is pledging not to shop on Thanksgiving 2013.

This post was suppose to be about how to navigate the Black Friday madness, however, it has taken a different turn. In light of the major retailers just stopping short of inviting themselves over for turkey, I will be skipping any retail activity during November 28th, 2013. So instead of sharing my tips on how to survive Black Friday shopping, I’m dusting off a soapbox to tell you why I made this decision.

My Thanksgiving is probably a lot like yours – – filled with over the top food (I think we fry 3 turkeys and bake 3 hams now) and family time. My family lives hundreds of miles from Las Vegas so I only get to see them a few times a year, Thanksgiving being one of those times. I really miss my family, so the time I spend with them is important to me, not something I like waste.

The past few Thanksgivings, I was writing for national deal websites and Black Friday is an extremely busy time for them! I noticed a trend forming- sales starting earlier and earlier. It was no longer Black Friday but Red Thursday (what I called it because all I was seeing was red). So here I was, after traveling all this way to see my family – – working! Yup, I had to seclude myself in a quiet room away from my family to monitor all the new deals retailers were selling on their websites. Last year, the buying frenzy started on WEDNESDAY! Needless to say, I was not thrilled these massive retail chains were intruding on my precious family time.

Boycott Black Friday 2013

This year I’m ushering in a change (for me)!

One, I resigned from my position in early Spring to focus on Recess so I will not be a Thanksgiving Day hobbit due to work, and two, I pledge NOT to shop on Thanksgiving! Let’s look at facts here; the only reason these retail chains do this is because people will shop during these times! Also, I’m not asking anyone else to follow suit, I’m just leading by example and making a choice not to participate in this madness. In my eyes everyone deserves a holiday! There is no material item that is going to for fill my life so much that I am willing to condone depriving another person from spending time with their family on Thanksgiving.

Will I shop on the actual Black Friday? Probable not. As a consumer, I know my role in the economy. I vote with my bank card, and so does everyone else. But this is not an economy issue, it’s one of value. Personally I value my family time more, which for me is very limited, so I will choose to spend it with them instead of standing in crazy-long lines with strangers (often in the cold).

I really used to enjoy shopping on Friday morning with my mom, aunt, and sister, but now it just feels empty. I do not take joy out of the fact many Americans will be leaving their families to man a cash register. And spare me the argument that had they done better in school and went to college they would not be in these low-wage paying jobs to begin with – – that point may hold some validity. But personally I feel like focusing on strengthening family bonds through togetherness is something to be cherished in our society these days, not disrespected for any sale price.

Just to prove how crazy Black Friday shopping is becoming:


One of the oldest retail stores in the country, Macy’s will be open on Thanksgiving Day. This will be a first in their company’s history as Macy’s has never opened on Turkey Day.

Stores Opening Earlier

Some retailers already started the trend of opening on Thanksgiving but this year, they’re doing it even earlier. Walmart, Target and Kohl’s are among the stores who were opened last year but are bumping up their hours this year because an hour or two will make all the difference (sigh).

All Nighter’s (Because Who Needs Sleep?)

Stores such as Best Buy and Target will stay open all night so if you want to shop instead of sleep, well, here’s your chance.



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