Disney Frozen Movie Review

Disney Frozen Movie Review

Published On November 27, 2013 | By Melly Allen | Cafe Mom, Entertainment, Family, Just For Dads, Movies

Frozen Will Melt Your Heart This Thanksgiving Day

What I Loved

I chose this particular clip because it highlights my favorite part of Frozen! When Elsa and her sister, Anna, have a fight, Elsa loses control of the gift she was born with and sends a wave of fear throughout her kingdom. This one, seemingly tragic event sets Elsa free! This visually stunning scene and brilliantly composed musical number sent chills up my spine.

Disney Frozen Movie Review

Elsa was told as a child she would need to hide her powers from outsiders, and even her beloved sister, Anna, because people would interpret her gift as dangerous. After spending most of her life in isolation, Elsa makes a rare appearance in order to be crowned as queen. Once her powers are out in the open, she flees in fear, leaving her kingdom in a forever winter state.

Disney Frozen Movie Review

The Takeaway

When Elsa realizes she no longer will have to hide away in fear, her true beauty shines through in breathtaking moment. As a mother to three small children, sharing a message as powerful as “be yourself” and “love conquers all” received a warm welcome from me! I was thrilled to share Disney’s Frozen movie experience with my kids.

Disney Frozen Movie Review

Theater or DVD?

My vote is spring the cash to see this in 3D at the theater! The stunning animation and 3D effects left my kids uttering “WOW!” I’m not a fan of 3D movies, however Disney has really mastered it. I said this with Wreck It Ralph as well; it would not be the same without the added experience in 3D.

Light comedy and a family-friendly message just in time for the holidays, Frozen will make a great addition to your Disney collection! These sister princesses are full of charm and fun.

Disney Frozen Movie Review

My Notes

Although I loved Frozen, I was not much of a fan of the Mickey Mouse throwback short Get a Horse that plays before the film. The animation was stunning, however, the short film came across as too violent. I felt the violent scenes escalated to a level I was not comfortable with my children watching. This was a throwback to the older style of cartoons mixed with new animation which may have lent to its cruelty. Again, this was not for me and my family. With that being stated, some families may be comfortable with the scenes. I just felt it was a tad barbaric and below the standards I hold Disney to. I did not enjoy it at all and was left explaining to my four-year-old why her favorite characters, mainly Minnie and Mickey, were rejoicing in another character’s pain. Just not a good fit, in my opinion, for Frozen which carries such a rich and endearing message to the hearts of its viewers.

You can catch Frozen on opening day, Wednesday November 27th. I highly suggest seeing it in Disney 3D. Visit Disney.com/Frozen for full film details. Want more Frozen? Follow on Twitter using #DisneyFrozen and find on Facebook at Facebook.com/DisneyFrozen.

You can also download fun Frozen activity sheets right here on Recess! Will you be seeing Frozen on Thanksgiving Day?

Happy Thanksgiving Frozen


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