How to Save Time and Money This Holiday Season

Published On December 4, 2013 | By Recess Guest Contributor | Shopping, Tech Toys & Tools, Technology, Women

written by Kat Bellucci

Can you save money with no time to waste for the holidays?

If you’re like me, time is a very valuable commodity. If I can save some or maximize its use, I’m all over it. With multiple jobs, kids, animals, family, friends and life, let’s just say I look for any way I can to use my time wisely so that I have more time to spend on the important things in my life. So how do you save time and money at the most “hectic time of the year”?

Back in the day, you made your lists, and went to your favorite shopping locations and tried to find the best deals you could. Now with modern technology, let your fingers do the walking and let the bargain hunting begin! There are apps for just about everything; it’s just a matter of finding the one that suits you the best. For instance, I needed a new TV, but there are so many deals out there and since I’m not an “electronic guru”, how do I know which one is the best? IS CHEAPER BETTER??? I think there is a happy medium.

Remember that time is money as well, so if you are going to run to the most popular store that will probably run out of the product you are going for or leave you in line for 3 hours, is that price really worth it? I think not! Go to the young adults in your life; they are sure to point you in a direction you had no idea how to get to with the apps that really help make our world easier. My niece came over for dinner and turned me on to Wow, did that give me an edge on my holiday shopping! I scored a bigger smart TV at a comparable price without paying shipping or waiting in line at a store that doesn’t even have flyers in the newspaper and I found it with this application. That wasn’t it. It helps you compare the best deals in all categories online and in store so I was able to buy more presents, easier and less expensive with little effort but pressing a couple of buttons.

I used the same app for Cyber Monday and I have saved so much time, I got my holiday cards printed! This is a new record breaker for me. I saved time, money, aggravation and better yet…I have time this season to really enjoy the season. Instead of being stressed till Christmas Eve, I now have time to enjoy some holiday spirit. Now I realize these days have passed but I am confident that there are other apps that can help you during this holiday season.

Another useful tip: always research coupons for free shipping and discounts before placing the orders on any website. They can save you $10+++ with every order on average.

So what are you going to do next? Research the apps and coupons that let your fingers do the walking baby…and enjoy the holiday season and your family!


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Host of Women’s Money Radio, Kat Bellucci is “The Money Gal” and strives to empower women to embrace and nurture their financial health.

Kat Belluci

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