How to Squeeze Workouts Into a Busy Day

Published On December 10, 2013 | By Melissa P. Farrell | Cafe Mom, Fitness, Health, Weight Loss, Women

Busy moms need their workouts too.

I know there are a lot of women out there: some moms, some busy career women and some, just busy! One of the hardest tasks is finding the time to get your daily workout in, and this is the one thing that often gets pushed aside when time gets tight. For some, it may be just getting a walk in; for some, it’s finding time to fit training in for their next marathon or 5K; and for others, it’s just trying to stay fit to keep up with the little ones. I have been a personal trainer and running coach for over 5 years now and I can tell you that 90% of my clients have the same problems. One of these being, finding the time to workout when meetings run long or when you are running around between after school activities. Well, where there is a will there’s a way, and I believe you can fit it in!

Here are some tips for fitting in your workouts into a busy schedule!

How to Squeeze Workouts into a Busy Schedule

Break up your workout

If you have a 5 mile run scheduled, but you just can’t seem to get an hour to yourself, that’s ok!  Breaking up your runs can allow you to still get your mileage in during a busy day.  You will have recovery time between runs, but also train your body to run a second time after already exerting energy earlier in the day.  Whether you’re preparing for a 10K or a marathon, in the beginning of your program it is more important to focus on your mileage rather then your speed.  So rather then scrapping a training day and feeling underachieved, break that run up and enjoy two breaks in that busy day!

Getting up early is like adding more hours to your day!  

It’s true! Getting up early to workout is like adding extra time to your day. Instead of 24 hours, stretch that into 25 or even 26 hours. Getting up early will get you ready and energized for the day and it will also allow you to workout before things start popping up with work, the kids, or life! Once you retrain your body to start loving mornings, you’ll have to find things to do to fill all that extra time you’ve gained.

Make the most of your time when you DO have it!

You will have those days where a single chunk of time is almost impossible to come by. Have no fear; there is still time to get something into that day! Maybe when picking up the kids from school, get out of the car and do some lunges or go for a short jog while you wait. Maybe keep some lighter dumbbells in the car to make the most of those waiting around times. Or even a walk can bring you some great benefits and will also give you a little boost in energy! If you’re sitting and waiting, try to change that time to moving and burning calories 😉

Meet a friend for a walk or a workout! 

Instead of meeting for coffee or lunch, call up a friend and meet up for a walk or check out a yoga class at your gym! It’s a great chance to catch up and hang out with your best gal pals, while getting your workout in at the same time. Then if you want to enjoy some coffee, you know you’ve earned that extra caramel!

Remember that with 24 hours in the day, there is only so much you can do. BUT being healthy will make you that much more efficient in utilizing those hours.  Take care of your body and life will be that much more rewarding!

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