Sweater Weather | A Sweater For Every Body Type

Published On December 20, 2013 | By Catherine Smith | Fashion & Beauty, Fashion Fridays, Women

┬áTis the season for ugly sweater parties, but that’s no excuse to let your sweater weather fashion fall short. No matter your body shape or size, there are sweaters that are sure to make a statement by enhancing areas you love about your body…without drawing attention to the one’s you don’t. It’s just about figuring out your particular shape & shopping for clothing that will compliment it. Here are a couple easy steps in determining whether you’re a beauty in the form of a pear, apple, ruler, or even hourglass, along with a few stunning sweaters that are sure to flatter your figure!

Pear Shape Sweaters
Pear Shape Sweaters by maybebabybeauty featuring low tops

PEARS: You share this shape with celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Jenifer Lopez, and Jennifer Love Hewitt
TRAITS: You ladies are known for your well defined waists and bodacious bottoms which are wider than your upper body.


  • When shopping, always look for pieces that will create balance by drawing more attention to your waist, neckline, and shoulders
  • Off the shoulder, shoulder-less, and detailed shoulders even out proportions
  • Choose sweaters that end right at your waist
  • Wear lighter colored tops against darker bottoms
  • Avoid high necklines
  • Don’t wear sweaters that cover your derriere as they will just add volume and draw attention
Apple Shape Sweaters
Apple Shape Sweaters by maybebabybeauty featuring a pullover sweater
APPLE: You share this shape with celebrities like Eva Longoria, Jennifer Hudson, and Drew Barrymore
TRAITS: You ladies tend to carry most of your weight throughout your midsection, and it is important to wear clothing that will help define your waist and play up those gorgeous legs!


  • Add a belt! This is the perfect way to create a slimmer more defined waist in under a minute!
  • Shop for deeper necklines to help lengthen your torso
  • Pick sweaters that fully cover your midsection; you can even get away with sweaters that are longer
  • Wear bottoms that show off and draw attention to your legs
  • Avoid high neck lines
  • Don’t pick sweaters that hug to tight
Ruler Shape Sweaters
Ruler Shape Sweaters by maybebabybeauty featuring a black poncho
RULER: You share this shape with celebrities like Olivia Palermo, Kate Hudson and Cameron Diaz
TRAITS: Like myself, you ladies tend to be slim and skinny – and while that may sound like a blessing it also means being pretty stick straight. So it is important to try to create the illusion of curves while accentuating your leaner features.


  • Unlike some of the other shapes you can easily pull off bulky pieces, so chunky sweaters are a must!
  • Patterned sweaters or wraps are flattering on your figure
  • Choose sweaters with an embellished chest to add volume
  • Layering a scarf is another stylish way to enhance your chest
  • Longer sweaters and wraps can give you an even longer leaner look
  • Wear sweaters that are too tight
  • Don’t pair loose sweaters with loose bottoms; go for skinny jeans or leggings
  • Don’t hide everything: pick a feature (arms, chest, legs) and show it off
Hourglass Sweaters
HOURGLASS: You share this shape with celebrities like Beyonce, Salma Hayek, and Scarlett Johansson
TRAITS: You ladies leave the rest of us envious of your show-stopping curves. So for your figure it’s all about playing up those curves in a classy manner.


  • Wrap sweaters are your best friend in keeping that well defined waist
  • Adding a belt can also help sinch in that waist and highlight your curves
  • Lightweight fabrics
  • Sweaters or wraps with details below the bust line are flattering on your shape
  • Don’t pick sweaters that are too baggy or too tight!! This will just hide your curves!

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  1. Great post! I always try on a ton of sweaters before I pick the right one, now I know which to go right for & save time!

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