Making Your New Year’s Resolutions for 2014

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As another year comes to an end and a new one is about to start, many people are making those New Year’s resolutions. There’s just something about starting fresh, wiping the slate clean, making a new beginning. Perhaps you want to lose weight, quit smoking, finally create that blog, or just generally be a better person in 2014. Whatever your resolutions are, they are meant to improve your life in some type of way; however, it’s best to not set yourself up for disappointment. Establishing realistic and achievable goals, knowing that it may take some time to achieve your objective, and finding help are things you may want to keep in mind as you draft that list. Here are a few helpful tips when making your New Year’s resolutions for 2014.

New Year Resolutions

Instead of losing weight, try to eat healthier instead.

So many of us, myself included, place “lose weight” at the top of our resolutions list. It’s easy to write but much harder to do. Instead of just committing to losing extra pounds, why not focus on eating healthier instead? Mentally and physically, it’s a lot simpler to execute a plan of eating more fruits, veggies and lean protein in lieu of fast food and sweets. Just eating better alone will help you slim down and you won’t feel like a failure if you’re not losing weight right away. As long as you stick to your plan of just eating healthier, you’ll eventually see results.

Make a plan and stick to it.

According to, the most popular resolutions include managing debt, getting fit and getting a better job. Again, these are worthy goals and so easy to write on a list, but without a clear cut plan, your resolutions will be more dreams than reality. Take time to sit down and map out how you will go about accomplishing each resolution. For instance, if you put “manage debt” on your list, then grab a piece of paper or create an Excel sheet on your computer and enter all of your expenses and debts. Decide where you can cut back on spending so you can put more money towards what you owe. Even if it’s not that much, at least you are doing something! It’s a plan Stan, you just need to stick to it and you’ll feel so much better doing it.

Do a little research first.

You don’t want to go into anything blindly; knowledge is power, my friends. If you want to quit smoking or further your education, look into programs that offer help. Some health insurance companies or employers offer assistance to those looking to improve their health (because it saves them money in the long run) or take college classes, so you may want to inquire if there is anything available. Also, there are so many sites, books and other resources out there that can help you achieve your goals. Take an afternoon to surf the web to obtain tips and advice on the best ways to save money or getting into shape. You will not believe how much information is out there just waiting for you to put it to good use.

Have some fun and include rewards.

The best incentive for doing anything is knowing there will be benefits for doing it. Going back to getting fit, why not make it fun and train for a marathon like The Color Run or a half marathon (which is best for beginners). Think how awesome it would be to pass the finish line and post those photos on Facebook! If you want to eat healthier in 2014, make it a point to dine at a “healthy” restaurant each month. Just because the road to making improvements will be challenging doesn’t mean you can’t find ways to make the journey somewhat enjoyable.

Make it a group effort.

Sometimes it’s easier to make changes when you have group support and it’s even better when that group is making the same changes. You want to make more of an effort to recycle in 2014? Well, get the entire family involved! Assign your children different tasks: the oldest child can be responsible for separating paper and plastic and another child can make sure the bins go out on recycle day and so on and so forth. When achieving your goals, you don’t have to do it all alone.

Don’t give up because of setbacks.

You may not find a new job or be able to save money right away. But don’t let that keep you from trying until you succeed. If you have a hard time eating healthy or reducing your debt, still keep at it until you’re able to find your way. Sometimes it will take several attempts before you can accomplish your goals but you’ll only do this by not giving up.

Just remember, making changes however big or small isn’t easy and you should never allow yourself to feel inadequate if you need help, extra time or several attempts in order to bring about those changes. A brand new year should be about improving your life not perfecting it!

New Year Resolutions

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