How to Have a Fun and Safe New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas

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Las Vegas sees millions of tourists throughout the year and New Year’s Eve is no exception. New Year’s is perhaps one of our busiest holidays here on the Strip. And it’s no wonder Sin City is a popular tourist destination for the new year since many hotels, restaurants and clubs host fabulous New Year’s Eve parties and celebrations. The ladies of RECESS want all of you to have a fun and safe New Year’s Eve so we’ve compiled a list of what you should know before you venture to the Strip.

Las Vegas Boulevard is closed between 5:00 pm and 3:30 am.

If you plan to party on the Strip, you need to be there before 5:00 pm and be prepared to stay there until the wee hours of the morning. If you’re staying in one of the hotels, this should take off the stress of getting there and then heading back to a nice comfy bed. But if you’re a local or you happen to be staying somewhere off-Strip, then be prepared for a LONG night. Visit the Nevada Department of Transportation’s site for additional information on the closures.

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Use a car service.

You absolutely don’t want to drink and drive. If you’re planning to drink on New Year’s Eve and need a ride home, a car service is your best bet. Designated Drivers, Inc. will not only get you safely home or to your off-Strip destination, they will drive you in your own car. It’s also a good idea to save their number in your phone.

Have practical footwear.

The best part of celebrating the New Year, is wearing your best footwear; however, high-heel stilettos may look fabulous but your feet will hate you in the morning. Since you will probably be on your feet most of the night, you may want to pack comfy shoes. Our suggestion is to carry ballet flats that can squeeze inside your purse. has a great selection.

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Know where the bathrooms are.

If you have your night pretty much mapped out, it will be easy for you to research where the closest restrooms will be. Why is this important to know? Remember, you’ll be stuck on the Strip all night long and if you’re going to drink, plan on needing a bathroom. A LOT. If you’re playing it by ear, it’s still a good idea to know where you can go to take care of business and freshen up. Trust us on this.

Look your best by bringing beauty back-up.

We’ve pretty much brought home the fact you will be out most of the night if you decide to celebrate on the Strip so we suggest to bring some beauty touch-up essentials because you will need it. Touching up lipstick and fluffing your hair back out is the least of your worries. Remember, you’ll be out dancing, walking, drinking (hopefully not running) so your makeup will have to hold up to a lot of activity not to mention the elements. Urban Decay All Nighter Long Lasting Make-up Spray is our top choice of beauty back-up essentials. It keeps your makeup looking freshly applied for up to 16 hours.

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Make smart choices.

There will be tons of people on Las Vegas Boulevard the night of New Year’s Eve and that includes drunk people. Unfortunately, groups of drunk people equals rowdy people and although Las Vegas Metro will be out in full force, still look out for you. Don’t go anywhere (including the restroom) alone. Don’t accept drinks from anyone other than the bartender or someone you know personally.  

Remember to drink plenty of water and eat something since this will help you to hold your alcohol better.

Don’t carry your credit cards and money where they’re easy to steal. If you have a lanyard, it’s best to use that to carry cash and cards. Only use your purse for makeup, gum and other inconsequential items.

The ladies of RECESS do wish you all a very Happy New Year and we look forward to bringing you more RECESS in 2014.

Happy New Year

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