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Published On March 12, 2013 | By Toni Spilsbury | Community, For Bloggers

When we were in school, it was recess time that allowed us to connect, share and play with schoolmates.  In between classes we learned more about each other while listening to the latest gossip and talking about our favorite songs.

Now, as women working, raising a family and living in Southern Nevada, when do we get our recess?  When and where do we connect with other women in our community to share tips and information or get news as it pertains to our individual interests?

Traditional media doesn’t always give me what I need, which is why RECESS founding partners, Christa Schueler, Melly Allen, Lisa Drake and Kathy Meisler, along with myself created this platform.  Collectively we can make difficult issues easy, and as women we become empowered by sharing resources, tips and information to help ourselves and our families as well as the community we live in.

Through our Contributor program, we invite you to share your story and opinions with us.  Join the Sandbox Revolution and submit your content here.  At RECESS we’re creating a community of women who want a voice to share information.

And while there are times that we want to make a difference in our community, other times we just need some inspiration.  From finding recipes for easy and healthy family dinners to tips on throwing a memorable baby shower, there’s no better place to turn than the blogger.  RECESS is 100% blogger syndicated, meaning that it’s written by women just like you.

The power of the blogger is undeniable as Forbes Magazine recently described in an article, “Does Anyone Really Take The Mom Blogger Seriously?”.  The age of the blogger perplexes some, but the reality is that bloggers bring a loyal following by engaging their readers on a more personable and trustworthy level.

Did you know that 80% of all household purchase decisions are made by women and that we make up half of the population here in Southern Nevada?  Tapping in to a network of the “right” bloggers can bring businesses that same level of personal marketing.  RECESS is that gateway that connects businesses with women through the power of social media.

I would like to welcome each of you to meet us at RECESS.  Join other women in your community here each day and learn more about the city you live in as it relates to you.  I want to invite each of you to come learn, laugh and share with us.

A dynamic platform for the diversity and depth of women in Nevada.  RECESS will transmit the cultural, creative and community pulse from our unique perspectives, thoughtful opinions, well researched profiles and the unapologetic pursuit of ideas and issues.recess mobiledevices


Toni Spilsbury

RECESS Founder and Editor



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About The Author

Toni Spilsbury is a blogger, brand strategist and social media producer in addition to being a philanthropist and mother…. but not in that order. From busy corporate gal to even busier mom of four, one with special needs, Toni established an online connection with today’s on-the-go moms as someone who understands the unique demands of working moms. In 2005, Toni co-founded the Nevada Blind Children Foundation and began working to build the first school for the blind in Nevada. With a passion for cooking, creating her own recipes and a desire to merge her family life and career, Toni wrote a book The Organized Cook in 2009 before embarking on a journey through branding, blogging, social media and e-commerce that gained her an insight and passion for the unique niche of content-driven e-commerce. Toni’s second book, Because of Connor, is due out in late 2013 which gives readers an insight into the unique struggle of life’s ups and downs when set against the backdrop of caring for and coming to grips with a severely medically fragile son.

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