Golden Globes: Who Wore It Best and Who Didn’t

Published On January 13, 2014 | By Staci Michelle Virga | Entertainment, Fashion & Beauty

Written by Staci Michelle Virga

The Golden Globes Awards: a most anticipated evening in not only Hollywood but in homes across America where TV and movie lovers alike (or is it fashion lovers?) sit back to see who won it and who wore it BEST (and who didn’t).

While some may say fashion is an individual choice and everyone has an opinion; one thing is undeniable and that’s classic is classic and Hollywood should always be classic. Especially on a glamorous evening like the Golden Globes. After all, these are top stars who have access to all things glamorous, right? Well when Miss Golden Globe, Sosie Bacon, gives these A-listers competition, guess it’s safe to say on this 71st year of Globes,  talent and fashion should have exploded! And in a room filled with so many stars, the explosives were……well, just okay.

The Good – Classy and Glamorous in Black, Red and …. Pewter

Let’s start with what did sparkle. Pewter seemed to be a popular hue throughout the evening. Hands down, the Globe for best dressed in pewter was Kate Beckinsale. That’s what I call classic beauty; she looked stunning. Sorry, Mila Kunis.

Kate Beckinsale

Another stunner was Cate Blanchett who looked simply classic in her black Armani, a true Hollywood fashion icon.

Cate Blanchett

While on the topic of black, my favorite color, Uma Thurman was charming in her high neck gown and Sophia Vergara was a knock-out in her sweetheart ballgown.

Thurman and Vergara

Jessica Chastain was the epitome of Hollywood glamour and from head to toe she looked amazing.

Jessica Chastain

To throw in some red, Taylor Swift in her black and red dress was another classic star on the red carpet; her ability to conform to all ceremonies is greatly appreciated and doesn’t go unnoticed.

Taylor Swift

The Bad – Plunging Necklines

Amy Adams should have stepped out of her award winning American Hustler character for the night. A look I’d be okay with not seeing, ever, is the super plunging neckline. It worked to portray her character, but I must say it’s my least favorite cut,  and it’s pulled off by only a slight few.

Amy Adams

Ms. Adams was not the only guilty one. Juliana Margulies wore it low and she definitely didn’t pull it off.

Juliana Margulies

While my girl Sandra Bullock slightly pulled it off, the rest of the dress she was accompanied by left me slighted. Love you Sandra, but you came up short for me.

Sandra Bullock

Let’s not give a pass to Robyn Wright who exposed us to her unflattering side cleavage, a look I just find unnecessary.


Robin Wright

 The Ugly – Glad Bags and Charmin

While most stars slipped by being mediocre, here’s some that just can’t be given a pass. My girl Jennifer Lawrence is the most sought after actress and she wore a Glad bag with black tape around it. At least that’s what it looked like. She’s too beautiful not to rock her full potential.

Jennifer Lawrence

Lena Dunham from Girls may not be an A-lister yet, however, she’s on the list to be at the Globes. So, she can put forth more effort because oozing out of that banana yellow, Madonna-leftover dress is certainly not very Globe-esq, girl!

Lena Dunham

Hayden Panettiere certainly didn’t hit the mark, and you’d think Heidi Klum would have more fashion sense, right? Klum’s glitzy bad cowgirl meets old Madame look was another let down.

Panettiere and Klum

My Pretty Woman, Julia Roberts, was not so pretty in her D&G. I love some Dolce but something went all wrong here.

Julia Roberts

BUT, no one pulled off “all wrong” better than Paula Patton. From the right she had a shot at pulling off her marshmallow-meets-Charmin catastrophe, but when met head on it was an overwhelming amount of fabric and material in one place.

Paula Patton

Honorable Mentions – High Leg Slit and Rockin’ Baby Bumps

On the flip side of the low plunge is the high leg slit, and I must say, although Angelina Jolie tainted that look some time back for us, Margot Robbie, from Wolf of Wall Street, and Amber Heard, actress, model and Johnny Depp’s lady, pulled it off flawlessly! Both young starlets tied for the best in the high slit Globe hands down.

High Split Leg

Drew Barrymore, Kerry Washington and Olivia Wilde were the expectant mothers of the night, all rocking their baby pumps. I give Olivia Wilde the Globe for pulling off her bump best while Drew gets the absolute worst dressed award. What was she thinking with that?

Baby Bumps

And Let’s Not Forget the Fellas

Before I give my best and worst, I have to give a shout-out to Usher for best male dressed. I get it fellas, you don’t have many black-tie options but as Usher proves in his deep burgundy tux and his brooch (oh yes he did), you do have options fellas. So, step it up a little.


Speaking of men, Diane Keaton, please do us all a favor and switch up that masculine look a smidge! I’m the first to love a woman dressing in a structured style, but there comes a time when you can play something out. Change your tune sista please!

Best Dressed

Cheers to Jessica Chastain, Kate Beckinsale, and Cate Blanchett for keeping it classy and to being my best dressed.

Best Dressed

Wost Dressed

Drew Barrymore (pregnant or not), Heidi Klum and Paula Patton had epic head to toe fails. Better luck next year ladies.

Worst Dressed

Until next time ladies! Keep styling and stay classy.

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