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Visual Blogging: A Year of Mornings

Published On March 7, 2013 | By Toni Spilsbury | Books, Cafe Mom, Community, Entertainment, For Bloggers, Women

If you’re new to the idea of blogging, the term “visual blogging” you may find even more foreign.  Blogging is nothing more than sharing a story.  People blog about everything from news, entertainment and fashion to technology and motherhood.  “Visual blogging” is nothing more than sharing a story through pictures.

A Year of Mornings is a beautiful demonstration of visual blogging by two ladies who witnessed a story unfolding by what they saw each morning.

The morning hours before the hustle and bustle of the day commences is the perfect time to pause and enjoy a sense of renewal and vitality.  On the morning of December 7, 2006, Maria Alexandra Vettese and Stephanie Congdon Barnes each took a digital photo of everyday objects randomly arranged on their kitchen tables and, unbeknownst to one another,uploaded them to the website Flickr.  Noticing a remarkable similarity between their images, they agreed to document their mornings by posting one photo to a shared blog every weekday for a year.  Their site, 3191 ( after the distance in miles between their homes in Portland, Maine, and Portland, Oregon, quickly acquired a worldwide following of devotees fascinated by the magical coincidences and pictorial synchronicity of their photographic pairings.

A Year of Mornings collects 236 images always taken before 10 am without discussion between the two women from this uniquely 21st-century artistic collaboration.  The intimacy of these photographs, discarded clothing, a view of a snowy day from the window, a tablecloth, combined with their striking similarities in color and composition defies the reality of their long-distance collaboration.  While clearly kindred spirits, the two women have met in person only once.  Their friendship is maintained solely online, sustained by a shared love for moments of serenity, solitude, and peacefulness.  The annotated photographs in A Year of Mornings radiate an aura of sweetness and light the promise of a new day.

Visual Blogging

Do Your Mornings Tell A Story?

Coming this May, the ladies of RECESS and the Sandbox Revolution are inviting each of you to share your story with us.  What do we see at the beginning of each day, as mothers, daughters, CEO’s, chefs, you name it, that unites us all?  All you’ll need to do is take a photo of your mornings in May.  Is it a coffee cup?  A garden?  A backpack?  Send us your photo and we’ll post it in our RECESS “A Month of Mornings”.  Sign up below and we’ll send you a reminder.

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A Month of Mornings in Las Vegas

A Month of Mornings

Send us your photo of what you see before 10am each day (or just once) and we'll feature it in our "A Month of Mornings" feature in May. Share with other women what connects us all here in Las Vegas.
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About The Author

Toni Spilsbury is a blogger, brand strategist and social media producer in addition to being a philanthropist and mother…. but not in that order. From busy corporate gal to even busier mom of four, one with special needs, Toni established an online connection with today’s on-the-go moms as someone who understands the unique demands of working moms. In 2005, Toni co-founded the Nevada Blind Children Foundation and began working to build the first school for the blind in Nevada. With a passion for cooking, creating her own recipes and a desire to merge her family life and career, Toni wrote a book The Organized Cook in 2009 before embarking on a journey through branding, blogging, social media and e-commerce that gained her an insight and passion for the unique niche of content-driven e-commerce. Toni’s second book, Because of Connor, is due out in late 2013 which gives readers an insight into the unique struggle of life’s ups and downs when set against the backdrop of caring for and coming to grips with a severely medically fragile son.

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