The Commissary at The Downtown Grand: a Casual Walk-In Experience

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Take everything you know about cafeteria style dining and throw it out the window. This is not your traditional “Commissary”. Instead it’s The Downtown Grand’s version of casual dining for the pedestrian – a quick, eat-in option for a walk through Downtown Las Vegas.

On the street where The Downtown Grand has emerged, new restaurants have made themselves at home. 3rd street is now a trendy place to dine with The Mob Museum front and center at the end of the block. Caddy-corner to the popular Mob attraction and at the bottom of The Downtown Grand’s hotel tower, is this new restaurant: A Latin Kitchen by Chef Richard Sandoval.

The Commissary

Past the patio’s yellow chairs and metallic outdoor tables, diners walk into The Commissary. But, if you choose to eat here, get ready for friendly. The staff is at the door waiting to explain this unique concept to anyone The Commissary 5whose curiosity brings them to the door. Options are to the right and left of the door. Go left and order on your own food from a cafeteria counter split into three. Grab a sandwich, a salad or rotisserie-style chicken. Go right, and sit in a more casual café where the menu remains the same. You’ll get a number and your meal will be brought to the table.

Choose between artisan sandwiches they call tortas, salads and soups or sit down and dine on a burger. The Commissary lets you build your own and top it all off with a milkshake. If you’re really hungry you can chow down on some 12-hour smoked brisket, tacos and burritos…but for lunch, I chose a simple Caesar salad with grilled chicken. It’s a hard order to get wrong, and it was out in front of me within minutes. A friendly server brought it to my table, and several other wait-staff asked friendly questions.

Take a seat on their plush booths and pull up a wicker chair for a friend. This fusion of style and atmosphere aligns with the current trends. A mixture of business and casual with a Latin sound track. It can get a little confusing, and perhaps their identity isn’t quite ironed out, but the food makes up for the theme clutter.

The Commissary 19Tucked into the middle of the restaurant is a bar. Seemingly stand-alone, the tequila and beer bar had over 40 taps of craft beer and a litany of Latin cocktails. The plan for this space in the near future is to bring in customers after dark for music and spirits. For now, it’s a place to get a beer and take a break from the adventure of Downtown.

Further to the right is a coffee bar. The Lavazzo Coffee Cafe serves multiple blends, made-to-order crepes and breakfast items. And, if you’re still hungry for something sweet after your meal, a full gelato counter waits at the front.

For someone looking for a lunch break during work hours, The Commissary proved to be just what the doctor ordered – a quick dining experience in a fun part of town. I did pay for the pleasure; 15$ for a Caesar salad and a fountain drink was a little hard to swallow, but not unfamiliar in that part of town. You’ll pay a similar price at Rachel’s Kitchen just down the street. If you’re looking for a unique experience and you’re already planning to spend the day in the neighborhood, stop in for a coffee, a snack or a full-blown meal. The Commissary caters to everyone.

The Commissary 11

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