The Ancient Ritual of Oil Pulling

The Ancient Ritual of Oil Pulling

Published On June 1, 2014 | By Nancy S. Mure | Health

The Ancient Ritual of Oil Pulling – It Can’t Hurt But it Doesn’t Help

Oil pulling, an Ayurvedic folk remedy dating back thousands of years, is being hailed as the cure-all for oral disease and has even been suggested effective in treating systemic diseases such as diabetes or asthma, according to Wikipedia.

The process involves swishing your mouth with a cold-pressed virgin oil of your choosing (coconut, olive, sesame) for 15-20 seconds, then rinsing it out with salt water. By doing this, it has been said, you will “pull” harmful toxins from your mouth.  It is suggested  Oil pulling may efficently reduce oral plaque, bad breath and gingivitis when included in a regular oral healthcare program.

Before you head to the store for your array of rinsing oils consider what real healing is from an holistic point of view.

  • Healing a cavity is an inside job.  While cavities can be healed naturally, they cannot be healed by the ancient ritual of Oil Pulling.  The reason for this is simple:  A cavity cannot be healed or caused by anything external or topical.  Cavities are caused over all bad nutrition, also by sugar but they are not caused by topical sugar. They are caused by ingested sugar. Overall poor nutrition leaches nutrients from the bones and teeth which then cause decay. This means if the teeth are decayed there’s a strong chance the bones are decaying too. The only thing that can heal teeth is removing sugar from the diet and proper nutrition.
  • Bad breath is also and inside job. Bad breath is directly related to the stomach and what we eat.  What we eat has everything to do with how our breath smells.  Take garlic for instance. We eat it, it goes through the process of digestion and oozes out of every pore in our body, including our mouth. As for gingivitis, the salt rinse that’s done after oil pulling will most probably benefit us more.
  • Diabetes, another ‘sugar related’ disease on the increase in countries where sugar consumption has mounted to such high figures.  According to Natural Hygienists, Diabetes cannot be cured or managed by oil pulling but by the elimination of sugar and again … proper nutrition.
  • Asthma, is a chronic disease of the lungs that is complicated by sinusitis, hay fever and bronchitis. However, Asthma’s cause is linked to enervation and poor nutrition, say Natural Hygienists. Therefore, it is not linked to nor be healed by ‘pulling’ bacteria from the mouth.  Asthma can only be healed by removing the cause of the disease. This includes, as a priority, proper nutrition, restoring nerve energy of the lungs and by correcting the mode of living: lowering levels of stress, exercising and getting natural Vitamin D.

The Ancient Ritual of Oil PullingFrom an holistic perspective, Oil-pulling is basically useless and is definitely not a cure. While there are no proven benefits to the trend of Oil pulling there is certainly no harm in taking the time to swish oil if you have a spare twenty minutes each day. The temporary effects of Oil pulling, if there really are any, will only manage a symptom but they will not remove the cause of any oral or systemic disease.

To effectively heal any condition in the human body, there must be a complete and through removal of the cause of disease. Only then, will you see a permanent removal of symptoms. I’d put my money on proper nutrition.

Do you Oil Pull?

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