Summer decorating tips

Summer Decorating Tips

Published On June 16, 2014 | By Toni Spilsbury | Community, Real Estate, Uncategorized

It’s Summer, but does your home know it? Your home should reflect the seasons, and more importantly, the mood of the season.

Summer is about family vacation, tranquility and celebration. When you’re at home during the Summer you can bring those elements into the home with some simple decorating tips.

Bringing Summer Home

What comes to mind when you think of Summer? Lemons? Flowers? Fresh air? Las Vegas is unlike some other parts of the country where Summer means open doors and fresh air. Instead, summer months in Las Vegas can be compared to winter months in Montana when doors are shut and climate control is key and can sometimes lead to Summer Cabin Fever.

To alleviate the symptoms of Summer Cabin Fever (whatever they might be), I’ve compiled some tips to decorating in the desert this Summer.

Here are some tips from Las Vegas Real Estate Agent, Toni Spilsbury of Berkshire Hathaway Home Services, Nevada Properties.


Tip #1: Summer Centerpieces

Summer centerpieces don’t always have to be flowers. Instead, get a wooden tray and place decorative bottles in different shades and shapes along with some seashells. Wooden trays and glass bottles can be found at places like  Michael’s, Pier1, Cost Plus World Market and Hobby Lobby. Or, you can always go “flea-chic” (yes, I just made that up) and visit some local thrift stores, antique markets or yard sales to find some fun pieces to use in your centerpiece.

Summer decorating


Tip #2: Upcycling

Combining family summer projects with home decorating can be a lot of fun! “Repurposing” or “upcylcing” is a growing trend and it basically means to take something old and useless and make it into something fabulous. This phenomenon is taking the DIY world by storm and making flea markets and yard sales chic. Here’s an upcycled vintage door from Finding Home that has been transformed into a beverage bar.  This is so going to be my next project!


Tip #3: Greet Summer Guests

Summer in Las Vegas sometimes means summer guests.  So why not create a special place for them by sprucing up the guest room with some…. well, spruce?  By bringing some old branches indoors and tying some silk flowers to it, you could have your guests feeling like they’re sleeping outside under some trees (even if you would really prefer that’s where they sleep).


Tip #4: The Scent of Summer

The scent of your home may be more important than you realize. Local mega-resorts and casinos understand the power of scent all too well and pump out scents like vanilla and sandalwood to evoke a certain mood from their guests.  Next time you visit our local Anthropologie store at the District in Green Valley, notice the feeling you get upon entering after getting a nose full of their citrus scented candles.  The Summer scents I suggest are coconut, lavender, grapefruit, lemon, rosemary and vanilla. I’m a Scentsy candle fan, but I also love homemade aromatherapy oils with diffusers.


Tip #5: Colorful Table Setting

You don’t need a special occasion this Summer to break out some colorful table settings. Bright colors and fun prints are the just what you may need to bring that summer vacation home.



I hope everyone has a safe and fabulous Summer, wherever it may take you!

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