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SEXCEREAL: Bringing New Meaning to the Morning Quickie!

Published On March 3, 2013 | By Melly Allen | Cafe Mom, Food, Just For Dads, Women

No, not a funny iPhone auto-correct typo, you read it right — SEXCEREAL.  Apparently you can combine cereal and sex, but not at the same time; that would just be weird!  I did recently watch a YouTube video that combined cereal and a bathtub, I’m still scarred.  You just can’t un-see something like that, so take my advice and don’t Google it!

I had just finished carpool and was on my way to fuel my massive Starbucks addiction, when I heard on a local radio show about a breakfast cereal which aims to “brighten your mornings” so to speak.  The world’s first gender-based breakfast is designed to kick-start the libido of male and female cereal connoisseurs.  Already being a “morning person”, it’s appeal was sort of lost on me.  However, the concept was interesting and left me with tons of questions.

Could cleverly placed ingredients really boost ones sex-drive?  SEXCEREAL claims that the male/female concoctions “lend themselves to testosterone support, hormonal balance and sexual health” and will “set the stage for a better day”.  Okay, I’m on board with that, but then the question remains; what’s the turn around time?  Is this an instantaneous boost of sexy feelings?  Does it build up in your system?  Is ingesting “ingredients” that change your natural hormone balance a safe thing for your body?  There are a lot of questions here.  From what I can tell most, if not all, of the ingredients are natural and are known for ramping up desire.

“To me, SEXCEREAL fills a void in the health food marketplace with a product that people can enjoy, while doing great things for them,” says Peter Ehrlich, Founder of Big Life Living Inc. “There wasn’t anything colourful or sexy; there certainly wasn’t any product that had anything to do with sex or sexual health.  I realized if I could connect the ingredients of the cereal to nutritional requirements associated with sexual health, I had something special and unique that could contribute to people’s overall happiness.” – Peter Ehrlich

What are your thoughts?  Would you pay for a sex-boosting breakfast cereal?

SEXCEREAL was created by Torontonian, Peter Ehrlich, and is a Canadian-made product.  He is a single father and radio personality with an interest in relationships and sexuality.  So far it looks like SEXCEREAL is only available in Canada (sorry, U.S. residents).  For more on the brand, visit their website

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