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Published On March 16, 2013 | By Toni Spilsbury | Cafe Mom, DIY, Entertainment, Family, Family Events, Fun

Kids Photo Shoot

It’s a family ritual for me to get the kids photos taken each March.  With Mother’s Day coming up in May followed by Father’s Day, it’s handy to have photos of the kids to send with gifts, cards or in frames.

When my oldest daughter was young, heading off to the portrait studio seemed like my only option.  Now, camera phones are sporting 10+ megapixels and DSLR cameras are not just for the pros anymore.

A few years ago I unenthusiastically took up photography as a necessity to do my own food photos for The Organized Cook. Photography quickly became a hobby and now is a passion.  I wrote about my journey here:

food photography

“Recipe For A Great Photo Shoot” by Toni Spilsbury

An Eye for Photography

Something happens when you start taking photography seriously.  You begin noticing how things look in different lighting.  A coffee cup sitting next to a window suddenly becomes art.

Last week I had lunch at Poppy Den at Tivoli Village and was noticeably distracted by all of the amazing photo opportunities.  My friend asked what I was looking at while my attention kept shifting to a beautiful ceramic water pitcher sitting next to the window.  The cloudy diffused light made it look like a Degas painting.  I resisted looking like a nut by walking over to it and snapping a photo, and had imagined what I would say about it on Instagram (picture perfect pitcher).  I did, however, snap this photo with my iPhone, (discreetly from my seat):

poppyden watermelon

My Kids Garden Photo Shoot

Last year, before calling my local photography studio, I told myself, “Self, you’ve invested thousands of dollars into your camera equipment.  Shame on you for wasting it now.”  That’s when I decided to do my own photography shoot for the kids.

Springtime makes me think of gardens, and since we have a garden (I use the term “garden” loosely.  It’s a well-intentioned plotting of soil with seeds that sometimes grow.)  So I decided to have a kids garden photo shoot.  I purchased some adorable floral and gingham button-up shirts from Target and waited for the sun to begin setting.  Dawn or dusk.  Remember these two words if you ever do outside photography… dawn….dusk.  I consider myself still very much a novice photographer, but still these were my results:



Clickin Moms

Moms becoming their own photographer is a growing phenomenon.  In fact, there’s a network called Clickin Moms with over 14,000 members dedicated to sharing and inspiring each other to get more and more creative behind the lens.  Clickin Moms has grown to provide interactive tutorials, mentoring, forums, workshops and now, a full-on Clickin Moms University.  In fact, I went to a full-day workshop with Clickin Moms during my BlogHer Conference trip to New York this past summer and loved it.

Shooting 101 Tutorial from Clickin Moms University


Shooting 201 Tutorial from Clickin Moms University


Shooting 301 Tutorial from Clickin Moms University


I haven’t decided what I want to do for our Spring photo shoot year, but I better decide quickly.  Does anyone have any suggestions? Leave a comment below.



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