Another Celebrity Is Talking About a Painful Miscarriage

Published On March 18, 2013 | By Christa Schueler | Cafe Mom, Entertainment, Family, Just For Dads, Women

Gwyneth Paltrow has been added to a growing list of celebrities who are opening up about miscarriages and fertility issues.  The Oscar winning actress and mother of two, recently discussed her painful experience in an interview with the Mail, a U.K. publication.  According to the Mail, not only was the miscarriage a complete devastation, Paltrow is now afraid to try for a third child even though she does want one.  But Paltow isn’t the only star to come out and bare all about the anguish of losing a child.

Last month, Grammy hit sensation, Beyonce, shared her miscarriage ordeal in an interview with Oprah Winfrey.  Beyonce, who gave birth last year, miscarried before conceiving her daughter, Blue Ivy.  Les Miserables and X-Men star, Hugh Jackman, also let the world know about his wife’s multiple miscarriages which led the couple to eventually adopt.  Actress, Nicole Kidman, also adopted after she and then husband, Tom Cruise, suffered the trauma of a miscarriage during the early years of their marriage.  Kidman revealed the entire fertility tribulation she suffered to Vanity Fair a few years ago.

So why are all of these celebrities sharing very personal and extremely heart-wrenching losses to the public?  Perhaps they no longer fear there is a taboo to let their fans know that even famous people aren’t exempt from these types of tragedies.  It could also be quite cathartic to talk about these painful experiences and just let it out, even in a public forum.  I know from personal experience, there is a certain comfort in knowing that you’re not alone and others have been there and gone through what you have.  So for me, I’m glad these huge stars are sharing.

How do you feel about celebrities sharing their personal traumas?  Please share your thoughts!

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