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Any of those sound familiar to you? If so 1) you have children and 2) they are probably on a school break. Yes, families around the valley have received those flyers warning announcing their child/children will be out for spring break soon! Anyone else panicking?

I have a close friend that confessed once she was offended when other mothers would wine when their kids were out of school on break. That was until it happen to her for the first time. Her sparkly bubble was abruptly popped when her school-aged son was on break for the first time. The children argued, complained, and best of all wined constantly for her to relieve their boredom. Now she has come to the dark side, and we all welcome her with open arms!

Taking cues from another very wise girlfriend, I have decided to do my best to schedule every possible second of every day of the coming spring break, even if it kills me! I have seen her wisdom in action, and the fact that at the end of break she could be mistaken for a drowned cat, is no deterrent to me. It’s a risk I’m willing to take. I just can’t fathom another break with me held up in my office with the line up of the sugar-filled, unhealthy snacks next to my desk throwing them at the wild animals kids when my work was disturbed. I know, Mother of the Year is what you’re thinking, but I have to say that sometimes working from home is a major challenge. And when deadlines need to be met and sugar highs are all that stand in the way, you strap on your big girl panties and do what you have to do.

I’ve cleared my schedule as best I can in preparation for eminent doom spring break 2013 and put together a few kid-friendly activities moms or dads can do with their kids during the extra family time we’ll get in the coming weeks.

Try not to kill each other during all the massive fun you’ll be having!



las vegas discovery museumDiscovery Children’s Museum  Nothing will take down a kid like educational play! Trust me when I say if you get them to use their brain and body, you’ve won not only the battle but the war as well, my friend! And luckily for us, the brand spanking new Discovery Children’s Museum has just opened it’s new location. This is where I plan to spend a major amount of time giving my three children massive doses of brain food, and myself some time to sharpen my photography skills. You can get all the goods on the new Discovery Children’s Museum here.

The Neon Museum  Also located downtown. Yes, I’ll admit that some kids find history a bore, but add over 150 towering neon signs and call it a bone-yard, then you have grabbed even the shortest of attention spans. I have yet to tour the iconic neon graveyard as I was not sure my youngest would be comfortable with an hour tour last year, but this is high on our list for this spring break. Their website mentions possible broken glass and sharp metal, so if you’ll be with small ones that refuse the stroller, you may want to skip this one. I don’t think I have to mention closed-toe shoes are best and bring enough water for an hour tour because there is little shade. Visit The Neon Museum for more information on tours and to book.

Madame Tussauds  Pop culture cemented in wax figures sounds like a fun time to me. What sounds even better is a deal! And right now Las Vegas locals get tickets half off when purchased online from Madame Tussauds website. Katy Perry is there and my children can’t wait to take a photo with her. Plus I hear the building is haunted; you might leave that part out for the kids, but if you’re into the paranormal like I am it’s just became the cherry on top for reasons to check it out! So to recap why you should visit: local discount, Katy Perry, and possible ghosts. SOLD!



I love to visit Las Vegas parks, especially in spring! Lets face we’re only blessed with nice weather for so long. So before the heat rises to what I call “Sun Temp”, I vote to get out and enjoy it while we can.

Floyd Lamb at Tule Springs  My family and I usually make a day of the park at Tule Springs. A small per-car entrance fee is all you’ll have to shell out for a fun day in the outdoors. There is a rich historical site also located on property. Pack lunches or take advantage of the provided BBQ areas. For location and more information about Floyd Lamb, check out my post here.

Bonnie Springs  Located between Red Rock Canyon and Blue Diamond, this is a fabulous spot to take the kiddos! We must visit eight or so times a year and each family member has their own favorite thing about Bonnie Springs. Take a train ride back in time and then hit the petting zoo. Totally get your ghost hunting on with the haunted ghost tours, now you know why I like it. Plan on making a day of it and hit the old western saloon for lunch. We take the visitors loop around Red Rock Canyon and then hit the ranch after. You can also do a little horse back riding. To plan your trip and get details visit Bonnie Springs website here.

what to do on sping break with kids in las vegasSprings Preserve  We are season pass holders and always enjoy our time there. It’s definitely an all day kind of thing for us. We pack lunches and lots of water. Plus I make sure the kids have comfortable shoes because we like to walk the trails in search of wildlife. You can even go for a bike ride there. Make sure to also grab the camera since there are plenty of beautiful spots that make for the perfect photo op!

Roos-N-More  Just about an hour north of Las Vegas on the 15 freeway, in the Moapa Valley, is an amazing and exotic adventure for the whole family. I know a few friends that sing it’s praises but I myself have yet to take my kids. This week may be the perfect time!

Storytime at Town Square  If you’re looking for a quickie but good time outdoors with minimum effort, check out Storytime at Town Square. Recess recently took a trip to the enchanting fun filled hour for ourselves and was presently surprised. It’s quick and not much of a time commitment is involved. Plus lots of lunch options for a quick bite after; we grabbed fro-yo from the self serve join in Town Square on our visit.

Nevadan Southern Railway  You can ride the rails Saturdays and Sundays for a very reasonable price. This coming weekend will be The Great Train Robbery. My kids are looking forward to the Go Go Thomas ride coming in April, but this event is also on my radar.


There are many more events to burn off those fruit rollups, and you can find some additional ideas here.

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