“Because Rice Krispy Treats Fix Everything” – – One More Reason To Love Pink!

Published On March 19, 2013 | By Melly Allen | Entertainment, Women

As a young adult, one of my favorite pop/rock stars was Pink. I really could care less about the overly manufactured pop princesses and wanted someone with real character I could relate to. Even now my hubs won’t reach for my phone to change it if her song pops on my Spotify. Both my girls (ages ten and three), also really like her music. And in spite of her dropping the “F-Bomb”, I’m happy they have chosen to idolize her out of all the rest.

I remember the paps giving her mad hell for the amount of weight she put on during her pregnancy and thinking she’d still kick their butts. I remember seeing the Instagram picture of her nursing her beautiful baby girl, which by the way is an amazing photo capturing such a sweet moment between mother and child. I think I truly related to her then, in that moment. I’m a mom of three that nursed all my  babies. pink nurses her baby on instagramI can’t image how hard, with her career and lifestyle, that must have been or maybe is was super easy and she eased through it without effort.  I’ll never know. What I do know is I like her! I love the sassy, take no crap, spunky talent she is, and so happy my girls can see what a real women can accomplish and still retain their true self.

When I saw this video from her on tour, I had to share it with our RECESS readers. It’s just one more reason to love Pink! Mid-song Pink halts to see why a young girl in the audience is crying. Turns out some sort of fight had upset the child. Pink is so endearing to the girl, who is dressed up all in pink, and offers her gifts from the stage: a stuffed frog, a Rice Krispy Treat and some sound advice, “Because Rice Krispy Treats fix everything!”. This candid moment speaks volumes to the type of women she is and just cements in my mind why I like her so much. Before settling back in her seat, she then gives some more pearls of wisdom to her captive audience, in true Pink style that is, she adds, “Everything okay now? Cut it out ya’ll, your grown a** women!”.

Pink is currently on her Truth About Love tour.  Dates and info can be found here. Feature photo courtesy of TruthAboutLoveTour.com. Do you have any female singer/rock stars you just adore?

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