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So Rape and Demeaning Women Is Funny? Actually, It’s Not

Published On March 20, 2013 | By Christa Schueler | Cafe Mom, Community, Family, Women

There are several women’s advocacy groups and organizations that are demanding the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and their representatives to put an end to the continuous offensive and downright disturbing remarks that the UFC fighters have been spewing to the public.  One UFC fighter, “Rampage” Jackson, made news last year when he posted a “how to rape” video online which was titled How to Pick Up a Gurl….Fast.  Supposedly, this video was intended to be funny, a satire of sorts, but no one was laughing (at least I hope they weren’t).

The creepy attempts at humor at the expense of women didn’t stop with Jackson.  Another UFC fighter and the UFC President, Dana White, himself have made inappropriate comments via Twitter.  Because I will not repeat them here, let’s just say the remarks were flat out disgusting.  Again, perhaps the motivation here was jesting (at least I hope it was) but there is nothing humorous about insulting and degrading women.

These advocacy groups and organizations, such as the Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence and The National Organization for Men Against Sexism are demanding that the UFC franchise clean up their act.  Not only is it wrong to allow such detestable behavior and language but there is a huge concern that impressionable young men (who the UFC totally caters to, by the way) will come to believe that this type of conduct is acceptable.  As a woman and mother of two daughters, I have to say that this is not acceptable and I’m definitely not laughing.

This is humor?  Someone needs to get a dictionary and then learn how to spell “girl”.

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One Response to So Rape and Demeaning Women Is Funny? Actually, It’s Not

  1. The video is disturbing at the very least! Not sure who it’s intended to entertain – rapist, would be my only guess. He really missed the mark on the humor thing. Not funny, not entertaining, a not in good taste.

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