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A Tisket A Tasket, A Basket Full of Sugar

Published On March 20, 2013 | By Toni Spilsbury | Cafe Mom, DIY, Eating Healthy, Family, Fun, Health, Holiday

Easter Basket Sugar Alternatives

Jellybeans.  Peeps.  Robins Eggs.

What would an Easter basket be without all of these yummy sugar treats?  Um, healthy perhaps.

I know I must sound like the Easter Scrooge to even suggest creating an Easter basket without jellybeans.  However, many “Easter bunnies” have to figure out a way to do it this year.  Whether it’s juvenile diabetes, glucose intolerance, or any other condition that must adapt to our growing sensitivity to sugar, finding alternatives is becoming a increasing priority.

And then there’s the GMO debate.  This past Valentine’s Day, I wrote about how chocolate manufacturers have been two-timing Americans by producing GMO-free chocolate for every other country but America.  That’s right, moms and dads, we’re the only country out there that gets the Frankenstein version of chocolate to surprise our kids with on Valentine’s Day and Easter, while Jean-Pierre and Madeleine over in France get the pure form.

So what is an Easter bunny to do when it comes to creating a basket full of joy this year?  I’ve been shopping around for ideas just for you, and here are my top five picks:


1.  Cost Plus World Market

World Market has adorable vintage Easter toys and trinkets to fill Easter baskets.  And, while there are plenty of candy options at World Market, there are just as many non-sugar selections starting at $2.99, like these:

Easter Basket no sugar

Easter basket fillers from Cost Plus World Market



 2.  Pier 1

As one of my most favorite stores to shop, Pier 1 is more than fabulous candles, tableware and home furnishings.  I love shopping their gift department for hostess gifts and small tokens of my appreciation.  For Easter, they have a great selection of small toys and gifts for your Easter basket.

Easter gifts from Pier1

Easter gifts from Pier1



3.  Target

You can always find a basket full of frugal Easter trinkets in the Target dollar bin isles located at the front of the store.  This year I found these cute Easter Barbies on sale for $9.00.

Easter Barbie, available at Target in stores $9.00

Easter Barbie, available at Target in stores $9.00


4.  Amazon

By far the widest selection and the convenience of shopping from home make Amazon one of our top picks.  I’m not going to lie and say that don’t miss the fun and inspiration of shopping in stores like World Market and Pier 1 because you can get so many more ideas in store.  However, when time is short, Amazon is a great way to “get in-get out” in addition to getting only what you need.  I found these adorable egg crayons on Amazon… has anyone seen them in the stores?  I haven’t.


Other Amazon favorites include Hide N Squeek Eggs by TOMY, and PlayDoh Spring Eggs:

Easter goodies from Amazon.com

Easter goodies from Amazon.com


5.  Books

It’s tradition in our home for the Easter bunny to leave at least one book in each basket.  Great Easter books can be found everywhere from Target, Walmart and Costco to Amazon.  Here are few of my favorites:




Do you have some great Easter finds?  Share with us here by leaving a Comment below or visiting our Facebook page.  You can also become a Recess Contributor here: Become A Recess Contributor.


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