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Published On March 29, 2013 | By Melly Allen | And Guys Too, Entertainment, Women

I don’t know about you but this spring break week nearly kill me and it’s not over yet! Easter parties and don’t forget you probably still have that ham to cook after services on Sunday. Today I did a full day of spring cleaning to lift my mood. Now I just want to hang out and veg on all the awesomeness the internet has to offer (well at least till the hubs gets home then we’re out the door to our fav family dinner night spot).

Here is a few fun things to melt the day away, I’ll get you through the next 20 or so minutes :-).


By far the coolest web video I seen today. It condenses our story down to just two minutes. Great photo story with the perfect music to go with it. Enjoy!



I’m not a very political person. I value people for who they are, not what are. So I try not to let myself get wrapped up in political affairs too much. But when I saw this video of Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz basically telling shareholders if they don’t like his political views, they can take a hike, I was loving it.  We’ve seen in the past pressure applied to large corporations to change their political position when it does not suit those of the shareholders. Policy aside, I’m happy to see a company take a side and stick with it. I rather disagree than see them waffle from opposition. Good for you Howard Schultz!



I love this Ultimate Dog Tease video! My kids love this UDT video, and now you too can love this UDT video…enjoy!


I seen this funny video called Sh** Crunchy Dad’s Say the other day and wrote about my not-so-crunchy hubby. It was fun to see how the other side lives, but I still don’t think I’ll ever get him to say, “You should ask my wife about that.” Crunchy or not!



This is the best prank! These women look pissed. Not sure how I’d retract but probably a good idea not to catch it on film. What would you do?

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