How Relaxed Are Your Personal Boundaries With Your Spouse?

Published On April 10, 2013 | By Melly Allen | And Guys Too, Cafe Mom, Family, Women

A few weeks ago I noticed something that had been a unspoken agreement between me and the hubs come unraveled. Not anything as serious as a deal-breaker, just something I was use to and never though twice about it until it changed. What is it? He started peeing with the door open! And I am not a fan of this new trend whatsoever!

Why did this bother me so much after nine years together? Well, the mystery of it I suppose. Call me old fashion but the over-share world we live in just leaves little mystery these days. I have to say not knowing what happens in the bathroom while he’s in there is part of the charm left in our long-term relationship. I would assume it’s the same for him too. I’m sure he appreciates being kept in the dark about the inner workings of my bathroom visits. He already has to see my four thousand beauty products littering what I consider to be free-range space. He can only guess to what a third of it’s used for and I even doubt he cares enough to do that (unless it’s a hair product that is).

Apparently we are the latter. This was confirmed last night at an after party when I brought it up to another Recess member. She said he hubs missed his calling as a physician due to his level of “engagement” in these matters. Again and again my couple friends seem to be very caviler to “bathroom” and body matters that I would NEVER discuss with my spouse. Not only with each other but with company too. There are just some things I can “un-hear”!

I think it keeps the (what little I have) romance alive. Are we the latter; do you over-share personal boundaries in your relationships? Does it hurt the intimacy?

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One Response to How Relaxed Are Your Personal Boundaries With Your Spouse?

  1. Kim says:

    With the exception of pooping we are very much the leave the door open types. Farting and burping reign supreme in our household and we find it hilarious. Is it gross? Yea, to some extent. Has it killed the intimacy? Not one bit.

    I think it comes down to “To each his/her own.” For some, boundaries are an absolute must. For us, it’s not a big deal. It’s not like one spouse intentionally stands there watching the other go pee. We just have a laid back attitude.

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