Las Vegas Farmers Market at Tule Springs This Weekend!

Each first and third Saturday of the month, Floyd Lamb at Tule Springs hosts a farmers market. I attended the early April market with my family, well most of it anyway. I headed up to our favorite park to check out the Las Vegas Farmers Market all my friends seem to be chatting about. I can see why it’s a hot topic: carnival rides, firetrucks, pony rides, and much more!



Las Vegas Farmers MarketsThe last farmers markets I attended were located in Reno, NV when I visited family in the summer. A farmers market in Las Vegas is news to me so while I was visiting up north I really wanted to go to one and see what they are all about. They didn’t disappoint, I even got my first henna tattoo there.

I was hoping I’d enjoy the Las Vegas farmers market just as much, and although I was shy a few family members, I was very happy with the event.

The vendors were great, but I had hoped for more organic and non-pesticide sprayed options. Most of the produce is from California, which is considered “local” in relation to the variety we receive in most main stream supermarkets.

I was very happy to hear the honey I purchased was from free-roaming bees that are not outsourced to growers and are not fed an unnatural diet of sugar substitutes which is why I believe we are losing our bees, but I digress.

The kids had a lot of fun checking out all the booths and petting the animals. We skipped the rides that day, well let’s face it I’m just not fun. Okay that’s not why but if you ask my kids I bet they will tell you so. No, I’m just not a spin-round-and-round-till-I-barf kinda girl anymore, but there was a time.

tule springs las vegas farmers market

We picked up some major goodies, and one of my “Food Rules” is not to eat it if I can’t make it in my kitchen, so I was happy to take a few treats off Sugar’s Bakery table. You know, as a favor to owner Sharon Murphy. I wouldn’t want her to have to carry anything back home. Yup, solely for her benefit, nothing to do with how delicious they are or anything. That’s my story! Seriously, her treats and breads were very good. We also grabbed some fresh baked bread, hummus and lastly pita chips.

If you’ll be attending the Tule Springs Farmers Market this coming weekend, a few words to the wise. Parking is free but plan on parking in the dirt, so don’t hit Fabulous Freddy’s before you go! You’re in a park with many free-roaming birds so skip the flip-flops. I also bring a change of shoes for the family so I can bag the ones we wore (just a suggestion if you have an uptight hubs when it comes to his clean cars). This makes me a total rock star in his eyes ;-)!

Cash is king! Some do have card readers but I’d air on the safe side and hit the ATM before you head out. Just for reference, I spent around $50 for honey, one loaf of bread, three treats from Sugar’s Bakery, hummus and pita chips. It may seem like a lot for a little, but we are what we eat, so in my family our food is not: fast, cheap, or fake. Also think about bringing your own shopping bag/sack. I threw my wallet in my shopping tote for the day that way I didn’t add to my already large plastic grocery bag collection. There was a concession stand with cotton candy and other treats we avoid, but there is that option available.

I’ll be there again this weekend, the booth selling local raw honey (great for allergies) had bee pollen and I did not have enough information on it to justify a purchase ($25/jar) at that moment, but now I’ve read up on it I’ll be picking some up for sure!

What is your favorite thing about the farmers markets in Las Vegas? Did I miss a tip? Comments are welcome, please share below!

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