MTV Movie Awards Best & Worst Dressed 2013

Published On April 18, 2013 | By Toni Spilsbury | Entertainment, Fashion & Beauty, Movies

I may not sit still long enough to catch the entire showing of the MTV Movie Awards, but I always make sure I’m around the television for my favorite part, the red carpet.

Here’s a roundup of my best and worst dressed for this year’s awards show.

mtv best dressed

Best Dressed- MTV Movie Awards 2013

1.  Emma Watson

The young star, and our favorite Griffendor, took home the “Trailblazer” award and wore an adorable cut-out dress by a new and upcoming designer, Maxime Simoens, who has yet to be worn on the red carpet.  I think the shoes were an amazing pick for this dress that shows off her lean 23-year-old body with its flattering geometric details.

Emma Watson at MTV Movie Awards 2013

Emma Watson at MTV Movie Awards 2013


2.  Zoe Saldana

This was probably my favorite look of the night.  Zoe Saldana has a gorgeous trim body and this long-sleeve design by Givenchy accentuated it perfectly.  I love the floor-length floral detail that shows just the right amount of “leg”.  This ensemble is most definitely not appropriate for the Oscars, but it was a classy choice for MTV and a nice break from the “bare everything” dresses (like Megan Fox’s).

mtv Zoe Saldana

Zoe Saldana is classy in Givenchy at MTV Movie Awards 2013


3.  Selena Gomez

I’ll admit that I was on the fence at first with this dress.  I thought Selena Gomez was outfitted by one of the Dancing With The Stars wardrobe designers.  I was also unsure if I liked the fringe.  Well, maybe it just “grew” on me, because with the hair and the perfect choice of shoes (any other shoe color would’ve screamed ballroom dancing), I actually thought it was stunning.

Selena Gomez looks like she's on her way to Dancing With The Stars at the MTV Movie Awards 2013

Selena Gomez looks like she’s on her way to Dancing With The Stars at the MTV Movie Awards 2013


Worst Dressed- MTV Movie Awards 2013


mtv worst dressed 2



1.  Melanie Iglesias

Okay, so I had no idea who Melanie Iglesias was, but apparently she’s a reality show star.  I’m a fan of the plunging neckline when it’s done right.  This dress is a perfect example of how not to wear a plunging neckline.  First of all, she looks unsure of herself as evident by the slouching shoulders (exactly the opposite of how Jennifer Lopez first launched this look in the late 90’s with her Versace dress that had everyone talking).  And maybe I’m getting too old fashioned, but when you’re this young I think it’s better to go with a younger look, like Emma Watson’s.  It’s unfortunate when young ladies think the only way to be attractive is to be overly sexy.


2.  Hana Mae Lee

Obviously one doesn’t wear a plastic cigarette butt on one’s head without being fully aware they’ll end up on every worst dressed list.  I’m guessing that Hana Mae Lee weighed her options and decided that being on the worst dressed list is better than being on no list.

Hana Mae Lee’s “any publicity is good publicity” ensemble


3.  Kerry Washington

I couldn’t think of a more unflattering look for Kerry Washington.  First of all, the body of this “dress” is ill-fitting.  Secondly, not all 90’s fashion is back in style.  I’m too tired to even talk about those tired shoes, only to say that the heel of her Manolo’s must have broke and she had to stop at Kohl’s for a backup pair.

Kerry Washington unsuccessfully bringing back the 90’s in this disaster of a dress at the MTV Movie Awards 2013

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